Ready for a delicious review? Let's look at Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes eyeshadow palette in Strawberry Fondue ...

Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Strawberry Fondue Swatches & Review

Saturday, April 16, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Ready for a delicious review? Let's look at Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes eyeshadow palette in Strawberry Fondue ...

Welcome back, lovelies! After over a month of no reviews due to excessive traveling I am coming back with a hot one - Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Strawberry Fondue eyeshadow palette review.

This is Etude House's Spring release, part of their Berry Delicious collection that looks absolutely de-lish (also punny as hell)! I, however, only picked up the Fantastic Color Eyes in Strawberry Fondue this turn, because it was the one item that really screamed Get ME... and yes, I talk to my makeup - don't judge...

The packaging is bright, colorful and covered in strawberries - what's not to love?! I can't even bring myself to throw out the box it came in...
The palette itself is made out of sturdy plastic that closes shut very securely. Inside you'll find a mirror, sponge applicator and a plastic cover that has the names of each shadow, accompanied by an adorable picture. The cover isn't the flimsy fly-away sheet, it's almost like a lid and I like to keep it to make sure the shadows don't pop out when traveling.

That's the only drawback of the packaging - the eyeshadows aren't secured to the inside. I suppose this is good news for those who want to de-pot, but for me (who bought this with the intention to keep it together) it is a bit of a nuisance. A couple of the shadows move when you touch them, and the darkest one actually popped out a couple times. Thankfully nothing broke, but it's not very reassuring - I finally decided to hot-glue them to the inside.

The selection of shades is, of course, strawberry themed - you have a range of scrumptious pink and chocolate-y brown shades that pair beautifully together.

Another wonderful thing is that Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Strawberry Fondue eyeshadow palette actually includes 2 matte shades! 
That is quite a sight for sore-eyes as Korean beauty industry loves their glitter. Here you get two beautiful light pink and warm milky brown shades (Hazelnut Chocolate & Berry Milk Chocolate) that are perfect for all-over the lid and for shading.

You also get three shimmer (Cheese Berry, Fresh Strawberry & Dip! Dip!) and one glitter finish (Sugary Butter), and I find that together they work extremely well. 

Strawberry Fondue swatch time! 
These are swatched on bare skin - without primer - one swipe each.
As you can see, the pigmentation is solid, and you have a good variation of shimmer, matte and glitter.

The formula is very smooth, even the glitter - it's not chunky, there's almost no fallout, good pigmentation and it lasts a good while without fading or creasing even without a primer!

The shades, in my eyes, are more suitable for lighter skin tones, both cool and warm - I tried them on my mum's skin (who's tan and good 5 shades darker than me) and they didn't really show up that well. The shimmer comes through beautifully, and there is some shading, but the colours simply weren't that great in my opinion.

Let me do a little break-down of the Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes eyeshadow palette in Strawberry Fondue for you:

🍓 Hazelnut Chocolate - warm milky brown matte, quite exactly the shade of milk chocolate
🍓 Berry Milk Chocolate - a milky, peachy pink matte with a golden sheen
🍓 Sugary Butter - a translucent, cool gold glitter
🍓 Cheese Berry - bright, blue-ish pink with minuscule flecks of golden glitter
🍓 Fresh Strawberry - a light magenta pink with lots of golden glitter throughout
🍓 Dip! Dip! - a warm chocolate brown, about 3 shades darker than Hazelnut Chocolate, with gold and lilac flecks of glitter and a satin finish

I used this palette both all-together, one by one and in duos - it always looks beautiful! 
It's a great little eyeshadow palette for the Spring/Summer season. 

Sugary Butter works wonders as a 'topping' for the centre of the eyelid. Pop it on once you're finished and you'll have beautifully glimmering eyes.
Use it all, use a couple shades or just swipe the bright pink on the lower lash line - you can't go wrong with this one! 

I thoroughly enjoy the Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Strawberry Fondue eyeshadow palette, even with the little (easily fixable) packaging snafu, and definitely recommend it for those who are fond of strawberries, chocolate and pinky shades :)

That's all for today, lovelies! Hope you enjoyed my review of the Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes eyeshadow palette in Strawberry Fondue, and were persuaded to try it!
Have you tried this palette, or anything else from the Etude House Berry Delicious LE release? I'd love to hear about it! Comment bellow and share your impressions :)

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