It's spring! Almost...I'd be really chuffed if London would start warming up soon...Anyways - peek into my Winter Beauty Favourite...

Winter Beauty Favourites - My Little Box of Wonders

Monday, March 07, 2016 Unknown 2 Comments

It's spring! Almost...I'd be really chuffed if London would start warming up soon...Anyways - peek into my Winter Beauty Favourites!

There aren't actually that many beauty products this time. I don't know why, but the past couple of months I have been wearing pretty minimal makeup, if I wore it at all (which, most of the time, I didn't).

I'd say it's due to a couple things - being busy, my skin being quite happy, being a little lazy, and occasionally a little down. I have had a very tough time this past year, and it's only gotten worse recently... but that's for another post!

So, take a peek and let's see what I've been unable to part with this winter!

As you can see, although I haven't been wearing that much makeup, I'm still very loyal to my colours!
Aside from an oldie, but great-ie Innisfree Canola Honey Lip Butter and Moringa hand cream from the Body Shop (which smells amazeballs btw) everything else is makeup. I didn't really have any skin care or body care products that were new to 'winter' per se, so I didn't feel like I should include them...

Now the makeup favourites - I have to say Missha has been on their A-game lately with eye products. From their reformulated single eyeshadows (that you can, as I did, assemble into the Modern Palette) that simply rock my world with colour and pigment, to their new Fluid Eyes liquid shadows that pretty much scream Phoebe from Charmed to me (anyone else a fan? remember all those glossy, neutral-coloured eyes she rocked in the early years?) and save precious sleep minutes in early mornings when I have to get ready for work. 
The Saem has also stolen a piece of my heart with both the Aqua Fix and Shine Jelly Shadow cream eyeshadows. Look at those colours! They're just as vibrant on the eyes, and I get to look just ever so slightly like a!

The Saem Eco Soul Spau BB Cushion has been taking care of my face both in and out of the office. It's quick, it's easy and it looks fantastic! Really want to do a review of this, but want to put it against just one more cushion...

For lips I've been loving my Aritaum Color Lasting Tint lip lacquers, because they keep my confidence up when I know that even if I'm eating, my lips still look awesome!
Innisfree Creamellow lipstick has been a lifesaver on colder days. Creamy and moisturizing, it's wonderful both at protecting your lips from harsh weather and making your lips look luscious.

Well...that's it for my little box of wonders! As most of these have been reviewed on my blog, I do hope you'll take a look and decide if it's worth trying. And there will be a review on Missha single eyeshadows soon, I have a couple more on the way!
Let me know if anything in particular piqued your interest - I'll answer any questions!

Hope you are having a good Monday (sunny at least), and see you back here soon!
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  1. There are some very nice items in this box!

    1. Thanks, Natalie! Anything in there you are curious about?? Or maybe you've tried some of these?