Valentine's doesn't have to spell 'doom', let's make it about you!

Valentine's Day Tips: Let's Make it About You!

Saturday, February 13, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Valentine's doesn't have to spell 'doom', let's make it about you!

A red rose between his teeth, a heart-shaped box of chocolates that’s big enough to put Willy Wonka to shame in his hands and a cloud of cologne wafting off of his primped shirt. You have planned a romantic dinner at that place everyone will go to. You are sure it'll be just the bee’s knees. 

So, you spend your evening squished in-between other couples doing the exact same thing. Next morning both of you wake in bed with that tell-tale Cabernet Sauvignon headache... You have successfully survived the compulsory romance, time to get back to life. Congratulations!

Hold on. I take that back. The thought of all that is both nauseating and snooze-inducing.

Not to mention that it’s very likely you’re spending that universally special day by yourself. 

Determined to not be upset by the fact you’re alone. 
On Valentine’s. 

So let’s backtrack from that Nicholas Sparks-imagined nightmare.
Valentine's Day is just another day, but it gives you an excuse to put everything on hold. Treat it as a day of love for anything and anyone. Call your friend or parent, hug your partner or look into your eyes in the mirror and say - I love you.

Today I want to talk about You.
What would be a good gift to yourself? That doesn't require a partner, or feeling bad about not being perfect?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Valentine’s didn’t spell doom for so many of us? 
I, for one, would like the gift of time this Valentine’s. To be able to just relax. Not worry about a single thing in my life. Single or not, I would like to simply not have a care in the world for one day.

Flowers are nice. Chocolate is nice. Heck, food is nice. But my advice is – make time. Figure out a way to set aside all the work and studies aside for one evening and just be

No sweat – I’m here to give you some ideas! All of the suggestions are both solo and partner friendly, just take a peek:

Prepare whatever food the day before.
That way you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen hovering in front of the fridge, thinking what you could make from a jar of pickles and a packet of Jammie Dodgers.

It doesn’t have to be a Michelin-star worthy dish. Find something in-line with your cooking skills (and willingness to dedicate time to it). And if you're coupled this Valentine's make that meal together. Who knows, saucy things might happen...

Pssst…A homemade pizza is always a good choice! Or try my Divine Coconut Oil Chocolates with Rosemary&Cashews, you won't resist the noms...

Put together a Valentine’s movie list some time before, so all you have to do is press Play.
The trick here – go for comedies. Having a good laugh will do you so much good!

I will leave the choices up to you, and will not judge for practicing your Blue Steel in front of the bathroom mirror.

Fresh air:
Take a walk. Outside. Make it at least 15 minutes long.
Leave everything behind, except your keys, and take in some fresh air. Stroll, let your mind wander, look around, count dogs. 

Just let yourself be in the moment.

Finish all your work before the day.
Clear your plate. Finish up whatever tasks you have on hand before.

Clean up, the night before. Yuck, I know! But a clean space will make you feel so much better.

Take a shower, or a bath, whichever floats your boat (pardon the pun). If you're a fan, and I hope you are, of skin care put on a face mask.

On the day, put on some comfortable clothes and enjoy your time. If you're coupled and thinking oh gosh, need to look good - forget about it. Your clean, fresh face that's happy at home will be much sexier than a made up face growling at the waitress who keeps knocking over your purse.

Take it easy. Give yourself a little space and time to relax and enjoy life. 
If you're single - awesome, pour all that love into yourself! If you're coupled - fantastic - use today as an excuse to not do anything but spend time with each other, amplify the love.

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