Do you find yourself running late every morning? Then these eyeshadows are for you!

Missha Fluid Eyes Liquid Shadow REVIEW & SWATCHES

Monday, February 01, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Do you find yourself running late every morning? Then these eyeshadows are for you!

Missha Fluid Eyes PP01 CR01

Let's jump right into another Minute Beauty review!

I got these Missha Fluid Eyes eyeshadows back in Spring. 
Back then they were a completely new release - 5 shades of metallic liquid shadow.
I picked up two CR01 Sensual Coral and PP01 Dust Purple.

Missha Fluid Eyes Sensual Coral Dust Purple

Do I like it? I would definitely say yes.
These Missha Fluid Eyes are great one-shadow kind of product that you just apply to your eyelids, pop on some mascara and you're pretty much good to go.
The colors are very pretty and quite sheer - very office appropriate - but can be built up to a more vivid finish.

Missha Fluid Eyes swatches Dust Purple PP01

The packaging is very simple and sleek - clear and black plastic.
The plastic itself is sturdy and it doesn't feel cheap. It's very akin to pretty much every other item from Missha - chic and simple.
The applicator is an angled doe-foot. I find it's very appropriate for the consistency and picks up enough product to cover both eyelids.

The consistency of the Missha Fluid Eyes is less liquid and more mousse-like. It spreads well, and doesn't dry too fast so you have time to blend it out.
The colors are rather muted and there's plenty of micro-shimmer throughout.

On Missha's website the swatches looked more vivid than they do in real life, however that could be due to layering.
The swatches bellow are top - single layer and bottom - two layers.
As you can see, the color builds up beautifully.

Missha Fluid Eyes swatches

I enjoy the shades, although I think CR01 is a little misleading - this is almost a straight-up golden shade! Especially when layered.
It looks beautiful in a single layer with just a touch of mascara and a bold lip (either browns or reds). Sort of awakens the whole face and gives your eyes a 'glimmer'.

The Dust Purple shade is, on the other hand, very aptly named.
 It's a silver-mauve shade with a more intense metallic finish upon layering.
I like this as the sole lid colour when layered, it gives a smoldering look that's still appropriate for daytime. It's also gorgeous when paired with greens and blues!

I don't love it, however. That is due to one problem - Missha Fluid Eyes shadows crease.
Not a whole lot, so it's not a big issue, nothing a quick pat won't fix. 
But it is worth mentioning, especially if you plan on running around with it - apply a primer if you want it to stay perfectly smooth all day.

I am looking into the other colours, will let you know how that goes!

Where to buy it: Missha website, counters and
Price: 8,800KRW, ~9$
Rating: 8/10 - the creasing knocks off a couple points
Would I recommend it: Definitely! It's a great one to have when you're in a rush.

   Hope you found this Missha Fluid Eyes review useful!
Comment bellow if you've tried these, perhaps you had a different experience? 
I'd love to know!
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