Happy 2016! New Year - the perfect time to talk about an old love.

My Scent of Love... Narciso Rodriguez 'For Her' EDP Perfume Review

Friday, January 08, 2016 Unknown 1 Comments

Happy 2016!
New Year - the perfect time to talk about an old love.

My Scent of Love - Narciso Rodriguez For Her perfume review

As you may recall, in my Eclat D'Arpege review I said that I like switching things up.

That's true.

However, you never forget your first love.
And my overall loyalties lie with a single scent.

It's different. It's feminine. It's very...me

I am talking about the enchanting Narciso Rodriguez 'For Her' Eau De Parfum. 

I will tell you the story behind my discovery of this marvelous scent. 

Our love story began in 2012, in a Duty Free store in Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, on my way to Japan.

I was killing time before my flight, and where else to do it if not in the Duty Free store? A kind and very knowledgeable sales lady approached me asking if I was looking for anything. I wasn't.
Oh hell, I thought, might as well have fun.
So I told her I was looking for new perfume.
She asked what kind.
 I told her I like musk, don't like overly flowery or sweet scents. That I'm looking for something different.

She hummed for a couple seconds and then said - yes, I have something for you.
She guided me towards these rather nondescript pink and black bottles.
There was something about the minimalist design and choice of colours that really caught my eye.

The heavy glass bottle with pink inlay is both spectacular and understated.
In the 'mini-me' version you can actually see the soft-pink liquid that is the magical For Her.
I usually do not care much for pinks, but this is a gentle shade with the slightest touch of peach, that together with the overall design perfectly reflects the subtle nature of the perfume itself.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDP review

Let's get back to the story.

She spritzed the black EDT version first, but it was much too floral for my nose. She then took the pink bottle. Many prefer the EDT version, she said, it's lighter. I shook my head, it was not for me.
Alright, she took another piece of paper and spritzed from the pink bottle.

My nose was intrigued. There was something definitely floral about it, but in the most delicate, unobtrusive manner. There was also this warmth. Fleshy, juicy and thick. Sounds strange? I think it really quite hits the bulls-eye thought.

I smiled, and extended my wrist, asking for the next spritz to land there.
My skin does the strangest things to perfume. Something lovely in a bottle can smell utterly of cheap public bathroom hand soap on my skin.
She obliged, and I told her I had to take a couple turns around the store to make up my mind.

I wasn't going to buy it.
A university student, minimal income, traveling to Japan where I will definitely need to spend more than I can. No way was I going to splash out 53euros (at the time).

I made my way out of the store towards a cafe to soothe the rumbly complaints of my stomach. I sat down, opened my laptop and proceeded to munch on some sort of sandwich.

My nose kept bringing my attention back to my wrist.
There was something magical happening there.
The perfume was delightfully feminine, yet there was this depth to it that brought to mind crackling fireplaces, snow storms and fragile tree branches, covered with ethereal frost crystals.
I kept inhaling the intoxicating scent until I stood up from the table and made my way back to the store.
No way was I going to leave without this perfume.
It whispered my name. 

I bought it, with trembling hands, knowing far too well my bank account already regretted the decision.
It was sealed in a bag and handed to me.
Now I had to wait. 

20 long hours until I would get to my hotel room.

I tore open the bag the minute I closed the door behind me. The room smelled of old cigars and gloom. It was gray and cloudy outside.
I pulled off the cap and released a fine mist of sensual delicacy onto my neck and chest.
The room became brighter as my nose caught the first whiff of the scent.
I smiled. And decided to always keep it close.

So that's my story.

What about the scent, you ask. 
I think this is where it becomes personal.
One of few scents I've encountered that does not turn to soap on my skin, it seems to smell very different on other people.
On me it's first and foremost warm and delicate, with the slightest hint of seduction and spice.
The rose does not come through very clearly. It mixes with the peach and amber, with a soft hint of patchouli, creating the most beautiful ensemble that turns heads.
The scent lingers for hours. It has already seeped into most of my clothes, which I actually appreciate.
And it doesn't smell like anything else I've ever tried, so there is nothing to compare it to.

There is something incredibly special about the simple and modest name for the perfume - For Her. 
It's just that.

You are left with the control over what the scent will represent.
Perhaps the scent of love? Perhaps femininity? Or maybe nostalgia?
It's up to you. And I really like that.

To me it's a cold weather scent. A romantic walk along the sea scent. A feminine evening out on the town scent.
I wear it when I want to smile. When I feel like I could use a splash of light.
It leaves people wondering, because they can't place it. To my beloved, it smells like me. And, strangely enough, to me there's a hint of him in the scent.

To me it certainly is my scent of love.

This particular perfume, in the original EDP formula, won't suit everyone.
That shouldn't stop you from trying it - but try it on your skin. Perhaps you'll be lucky enough to discover your own little haven in the delicate cloud. 

I have tried all other versions of For Her. None of them fit. There was soapy disappointment, and great relief knowing I already found The One.

I will always keep it close to me. Perhaps the only perfume I will never change.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDP perfume review

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  1. Your story is identical to mine! I was also looking around in a Duty Free in Barcelona back in 2010 because my flight was delayed. Student, little money, I wasn't going to buy it. I left the store and couldn't stop smelling my wrist. It was such a different smell from anything I had previously known! I have to have it. It cost me 80 euros... but I've been using it ever since!So worth it!