Feels like it's been forever since I typed in this little box... Oh well, no harm - no foul! I am super excited to talk about t...

Missha Signature Dewy Rouge & Glam Art Rouge REVIEW

Monday, December 07, 2015 Unknown 6 Comments

Feels like it's been forever since I typed in this little box...
Oh well, no harm - no foul!

I am super excited to talk about the new Missha lippies. Jump in - here are some enticing swatches to feast your eyes upon...

I picked up three new lipsticks from Missha, two from the regular Glam Art Rouge line, and one from their new Signature Dewy Rouge line.
The Glam Art Rouge line is very familiar and well-loved, one of my more popular posts is, in fact, the Glam Art Rouge lipstick review!

Signature Dewy rouge, however, is a complete newcomer, quite literally so - it's Missha's brand new line of lipsticks. I was a little wary of the 'dewy' part, that's why I only picked up one, in a very safe shade.

How did I like them? Let's look at them and find out!

I'll briefly go over the packaging, because it's quite straightforward.

The Glam Art Rouge line is, as usual, encased in the beautiful black and gold packaging. The beautiful multifaceted lipstick bullet is housed in a metal tube with a plastic cap. Nothing cheap or flimsy about it, the lipstick feels chic and expensive. I like the shape of the bullet - albeit unusual, it actually gives a very precise application, and wears off nicely.
The lid snaps shut, very securely, so you won't have to worry about the lipstick getting damaged in case you travel.

The Signature Dewy Rouge is a whole different opera - both the lipstick tube and lid are metal. I, personally, love it! It feels quite hefty and luxurious, the unusual navy and gold color scheme providing an element of edgy elegance.
The lipstick bullet itself is quite standard in the Korean beauty scene - round and slanted. It's comfortable to apply and is not prone to breakage.

Overall, I really enjoy Missha's approach to the design of these lippies - even the plastic parts feel well-made, the colour scheme is gorgeous and I just wish I had a proper vanity to display these beauties.

Now, onto the lipsticks. I will break down the colours since it will be easier for you to follow along.
Shall we start with the newbie?

The colour I picked from the Signature Dewy Rouge line was PK04 - Inca Rose.
It's a beautiful rose pink with the slightest cool tinge to it. It really works well with paler skin tones, bringing a kind of doll-ish light to the face.
I like wearing it on a casual day when I'm just running errands, or if I'm going for that 'sweet' look.

The texture is wonderful. I was afraid it would slip and slide, but it turned out quite the opposite.
The lipstick glides smoothly, with a slightly tacky feel to it. It doesn't accentuate lines or dry patches at all.

The finish is, indeed, dewy. Not glossy or sparkly - dewy. I adore the finish, because it makes the lipstick to comfortable to wear, and it feels moisturising.
Finally the lasting power - I say yay! It really holds up well. At least 4 hours of solid colour wear, when the dewiness fades you're left with a lovely tint that lasts even longer.
I will be looking into picking up a couple more shades from this line - suggest you do the same.

Now for the Glam Art Rouge. The first shade I'll talk about was a serious detour from my comfort zone - a beige/brown lipstick! It's the shade SBR601.
I only saw the new colours on the website, but the beige shade intrigued me.

I've been toying with the idea of a '90s' lip for a while. I'm a huge Charmed fan, and I would love to look as effortless in a 90s brown/beige lip as Phoebe or Prue does...oh well, a girl can dream.

When I saw this one, I jumped at it. And boy am I glad I did.
The colour is perfect. It has just the right amount of beige and brown to make it 'nude', but still has a pink undertone that does not make me look dead. Also, in real life, it looks slightly more brown - I think it's the lighting to blame.
I like it with a completely 'nude' face - just mascara, and maybe a light sheen of neutral colour on the lids. It looks 90s, yet much more elegant - right up my alley.
Also, call me crazy, but it makes the teeth look whiter, no?

One thing I will say about the texture of Glam Art Rouge - it is not meant to be long lasting.
Which, honestly, is not a bad thing! I have no problems reapplying my lipstick after a meal, all I need it is to last through a conversation, a bus ride and more. And this does it all.
It lasts well, wears very comfortably and leaves a bit of a tint.
It does not migrate, however, due to the thinner consistency than, let's say Dewy Rouge, it does accentuate the lines every so slightly.

The next shade is...in a word... sinful. I mean look at it!
We're talking about SRD707 - a stunning, vampy red shade.
It's a little more challenging to apply, but that's because the pigmentation is intense on this one! Count me one happy camper, or should I say vamper? Ah...lame...but a little funny, no?

The texture is just the same as the beige shade, but this one sticks around longer.
I'm sure it's the pigment that clings to your lips, and it leaves a stain that's a little tough to remove.
I love the sheen, combined with the colour it really makes you look sumptuous.
The swatch is one coat, with another it gets darker. Also the lighting matters (doesn't it always).

I love this shade, and although I have many red lippies, I can honestly say - not one like this!

There you go, lovelies! Did you find something appealing? I sure hope so - go and get some for yourself ^_~
Don't forget to share this with your fellow K-beauty lovers! Comment bellow - I would love to hear your experience with Missha's lippies.


***DISCLAIMER: All the products in this review have been purchased by me. Nothing is sponsored and I am not affiliated with any of the sellers mentioned in the post***


  1. I've seen others people swatches on the shade SRD707 and some of them appear as purple-ish to me, which I'm not a fan of, whereas yours has the exact shade I want to buy. I'm really confused ;_;

    1. Hey!
      The SRD707 is in no-way purple O_O it's a vampy red - with cooler undertones, but not purple.
      Do you have any way of swatching it in real life before buying? I would say my swatch is as true to colour as possible, but it can be dependent on the skin...
      Editing changes the colours, and I often find even Missha's own swatch pictures to be not 100% true to colour - I try not to edit my swatch photos because of that, except occasional brightness adjustment because my camera can be temperamental -_-

  2. Unfortunately, I have to order the lipstick so there's no way to test the color :( Those blog posts/lipstick swatches of yours really help people buying online like me tremendously. Thank you, and keep up the amazing work xx

    1. Aw, thank you so much! That's my aim with my blog - to help others find what they want :)
      I'm glad I can be of help! If you do end up purchasing it - let me know how it works out for you! <3