Are you a literary type? Is your aunt/brother/cousin/best friend? Great, because I have my  Last Minute Gift Guide!

Last Minute Gift Guide - Literary Edition

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Are you a literary type? Is your aunt/brother/cousin/best friend? Great, because I have my Last Minute Gift Guide!

I am a very avid reader. When I travel, regardless for how long, you will see a book in my carry-on.
When I move my books come with me, even if it's for a couple months.
And when I make Christmas, or really any, Wish Lists, you guessed it, books are at the top!

So I thought hey - beauty comes from the inside - so let me make sure your insides are just gorgeous.

***The images will take you to Amazon. Yes, they are affiliate links, but I will only, ever, suggest a service that I really trust. I have used them dozens of times, and have never been disappointed.
Amazon delivery policy will make sure you get the gifts on time***

Let's start with a book for a makeup lover. Not someone who's into Instagram brows and 'strobing', but someone who really loves makeup.
I don't think I need to talk much about this: Lisa Eldridge - Face Paint: The Story of Makeup

This is a phenomenal book. It's not a book of tutorials, it's a book of makeup love. Ms Eldridge pours her heart and knowledge into this fantastic piece about makeup history.
A must-have for the makeup lover.

Next up - for the girl who's all about style and glamour.
Dita Von Teese - Your Beauty Mark: A Guide to Eccentric Glamour
Dita Von Teese. Need I say more? This lady is the modern epitome of glamour and elegance.
In a world that seems to fall head over heels for classless TV-made 'celebrities' I would rather sit back and enjoy a book that talks about all things chic and glamorous.
There are tips, tricks and advice, as well as magnificent content on/from Dita's personal glamour idols.
Trust me - whoever you give this to, they will love it!

For the one curious about the makings of our world, and beyond.
Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow - The Grand Design

This is a book for someone who uses free time to question everything, even the existence itself.
You will find Stephen Hawking's signature humour strewn throughout the book, making it really entertaining to read. I've had people stare at me in the Tube while I tried to control the giggles while reading this..
You will also find yourself going over and over certain passages, if not all of them, to better understand the ideas and concepts at hand.
One bit of warning - you should be a little knowledgeable about science, or at least curious, to truly enjoy this book.

Don't feel like learning? No fear, I have an entertaining piece of criminal literature many will enjoy.
Ray Celestin - The Axeman's Jazz

It's a crime novel. Set in New Orleans. It's morbidly entertaining. It's got groove.
It's based on real events.
What more would you want?

A personal favourite of mine. For the sarcastic individual who can appreciate being...sheepless
Haruki Murakami - A Wild Sheep Chase

If you've never read Murakami consider yourself forewarned - your world is about to be twisted.
A slight departure from Murakami's more usual serious tone, this is a novel that should put a crooked smile on your face.
It's a mystery in sheep's clothing. You'll appreciate the pun once you read it...

Now for a bit of a classic. For the romantic young woman, or girl.
Louisa May Alcott - Little Women

I consider this book essential to anyone, who consider themselves well-read.
It is a classic, but one that has aged like fine wine. You read this, and you re-read it as you grow older. You understand things you didn't before.
You find yourself growing fond of the characters.You identify with a character. You learn to appreciate the simpler things in life.
And you return to the book with fondness...

Okay, honestly, what kind of Christmas list would this be without Harry Potter? I received my first copy of it on Christmas, and it was magical...
J. K. Rowling - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

This is a timeless series, but I wanted to focus a bit on the younger audience.
This wonderful illustrated edition of the Philosopher's Stone is simply magnificent. I am sure everyone from the 'Potter generation' will love this, being able to actually see the incredible world J.K. Rowling created.
But for the younger ones the illustrations are sure to draw them in and help cling to their imagination.

Now, I understand if you have a teenager, or a young adult, who refuses to remain a child. We've all been there.
This is a wonderful book, sure to become a modern 'Catcher in the Rye' to many.
Stephen Chbosky - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

There's first love, unrequited love, learning to love yourself, stories of unlikely friendships...
All that someone would need to realize that, certainly, there are many Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Another personal favourite that I'm sure many young girls would love (and young boys to pretend to hate but secretly read it under the bed).
Susan Coolidge - What Katy Did (Full Series)

A book about the young ones. Who sometimes are far more grown up than their parents. And sometimes more juvenile than could be imagined.
There are secret walks and magical picnics - something that will make everyone want a magical basket filled with delightful treats of their own.
And of course, their own Paradise.

Finally, for the fantasy one. The one who spends days conquering magical worlds. Who spends hours leafing through pages of picture worlds.
The one who can enrapture you in a fantasy world of their own.
And also for one who dreams.
Neil Gaiman - Sandman (vol.1)

This is best suited for at least ages 15 and over. Trust me on this.
Have you ever wondered what dreams are? Ever attempted to control your own dreams?
Ever been controlled by your dreams?
This is a truly incredible comic book series. It's dark, but not 'gory'.
It has elegance and finesse to it, thanks to Neil Gaiman being the master behind the pen.
It will draw you in, and you will be unable to stop yourself until you close the last page, of the final volume...

Whew! That was quite a list, but I hope you found at least one book to drop into your bag.
I would absolutely love to hear from you which of these books you've read and loved (or disliked).
Let's share stories!
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