I adore Christmas, but am not much for the 'golden' Holiday makeup trends. Then how about some candy cane inspired colours?? ...

Colourful Candy Cane Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Saturday, December 19, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

I adore Christmas, but am not much for the 'golden' Holiday makeup trends. Then how about some candy cane inspired colours??

I've always been the 'colour girl'. Bronzy, golden neutrals were never attractive to me, and to be completely honest, they don't look all that great on me.
A touch of whimsy is something I usually love in my makeup, and I rarely follow 'trends'.
Why? Because not everything looks good on everyone!

Sure, I find a smokey eye beautiful to look at, on some people. But on me I feel it way too 'standard' and not me. Same goes for the 'bronzed goddess' looks everyone is fawning over.
Look at me, seriously, where would I even begin to 'bronze', if that colour isn't even near my neighborhood of skin tone?

That being said, it's the reason I get kind of frustrated around the holidays. All makeup kits are usually about the smokey eye or the gilded 'Holiday' looks. And that would be all fine and well, if there were also some for people who love Christmas colours... Alas, I'm left to dig in my own kit for that kind of 'Christmas-y look'.

And here I present to you what came out of it ^_^
I personally love it. It's Christmas-y, yet not boring and repetitive. And you can use the shades that look good in you while still keeping with the 'theme'.
Bellow the gif I break down each step.

Let's start off with prepping your face. In the winter time you really have to take care of your skin, so don't forget that nourishing cream and a bit of sunscreen.

Next, all I did was use The Saem Cosmetics 'Eco Soul Spau' BB cushion all over my face. No concealer, no blush - I usually don't use them because I find it unnecessary. 
However, it's you who's trying this - so prep your skin whichever way you prefer!
This is also the time for you to take care of your eyebrows. Again, I don't really feel I need it, so I just left it au naturel. 

After your skin is all ready for makeup, let's apply a shimmery 'base' to the lids. You can chose an actual primer, or, like I did, a champagne-coloured shimmery cream shadow.

Time for colours. I used a blush/eyeshadow palette 'Sunglow Pink' by Rituals that has been discontinued, so I won't torture you with details here.
Basically, shade your eyes in a diagonal manner, with pink-y shades that fit your skin/eyes.

Start with a paler pink, ideally an opalescent finish, on the inner part of the lid, going all the way up to the brow.

Then in the middle place an off-white shimmery shade.

Finally, apply a bright pink (satin finish in my case) on the outside corner, creating a kind of 'diagonal diamond' shape, winging it out a bit.
Now take that same off-white shimmer, and blend under the brow-bone.
Blend the edges of the colours, but not too much, you still want that 'diagonal stripe spirit' to linger.

Time for liner! I actually used a liquid shadow, because I thought the shade was perfect - a slightly frosty forest green. I think that a darker green would clash a bit with the pink, so try to use emerald shades, if you can.
Here as well, feel free to draw whatever shape looks best on your eyes!
I like a simple cat-eye that's not too bold, not to overtake the pink.
And then plenty of mascara, and if you want - lashes. I don't do lashes because I wear glasses, but for a party I'm sure they would be great!

Moving onto lips. As you can see, I went with a dual, almost ombre, coloured style.
Bright red on the inside, and more fuchsia on the outside.
However, here's the beauty of this eye-look - many lip colours will look great with it! Classic red, more pink-y shades, even plums would look beautiful, each shade giving it a slightly different feel.
So let your creative doodler out! ^_^

Et Voila! 'Tis done. 
It's actually a rather quick look, if I didn't have to photograph it, it would take perhaps 10-15 minutes to put together.

List of all the products I used:
The Saem 'Eco Soul Spau BB Cushion' 
Rituals Blush Palette 'Sunglow Pink' 
Missha Single Shadows in CBE01 Bridal Peach & MPK02 Pink Martini
Innisfree Glow Liquid Shadow (SE shade, unavailable anymore) 
Bourjois Twist-Up The Volume Waterproof Mascara 
Aritaum Color Lasting Tint 12 Cherry Ade & 07 Fuchsia Royal 

Bonus? Why, this is a fantastic look for glasses wearers (like me). The bright colours just cheekily peek through, so you could even wear this to the office around the Holidays.

I really hope you liked my take on a Holiday look!
If you try it, I would love to see what you come up with! Tag me on Twitter or Instagram.

That's all for now! Don't forget to comment, share and spread the love!


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