Happy August, everyone! Here in Lithuania summer finally decided to show up (and smother us with heat), making work at the office even m...

Korean Beauty Reviews: Missha Painting Rouge Chiffon [CRD01 & CPP01]

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Happy August, everyone!
Here in Lithuania summer finally decided to show up (and smother us with heat), making work at the office even more of an exhausting ordeal.
Liters and liters of water, coffees and teas have been consumed in the attempt of staying hydrated and awake, and at the same time millions of glances have been stolen at the pocket mirror to make sure all that hydration did not leave me with lipstick-stained teeth.
This is where I bow to the goddesses of makeup that have descended on Missha and gave them the brilliant idea to release the Painting Rouge Chiffon line.

As you might have noticed, if you've been reading my blog, I am more than a little in love with Missha's products - their lip products being the main source of affection for me.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that the moment I saw their newest release I jumped at it with thrill. The Painting Rouge is a line of lip creams/glosses that is divided into two sections - the Chiffon part are satiny/matte lip creams, and the Syrup are syrup-y lip glosses with tons of shine. 
I went with the Chiffon version simply because I am quite sick of my hair getting stuck on my lips and then smearing across my glasses. Also, I own tubs over tubs of shiny, sparkly glosses so I thought it was about time to veer off the beaten path and try something more matte instead.

And, hello, my moment of brilliance - the Chiffon lippies turned out to be my very best friends at the office and on days when I know I'll be doing a lot of talking and socializing, but perhaps won't have that much time (and, let's be frank, desire) to check my lips every sip or bite.

The Chiffon lip creams are very appropriately named - they have this mousse-like texture that makes the lips feel very pleasantly cushion-y. They go on glossy, but that soon settles into a slightly satin-y matte finish that will stick with you the rest of the wear time (which, without drinking or eating, will last at least 4h). They are just a tad drying - what else would you expect from a longer-lasting matte lip product, but less than any of other matte lip creams I've tried. Lips feel comfortable throughout the wear and it doesn't accentuate dry bits (always, always prep your lips with a balm before ANY lip color, though, just to make things run smoothly, pardon the pun).
It does have a faint flowery scent, but nothing overwhelming - I quite like it.

The lasting power of these is really impressive - they aren't one of those 'semi-permanent' products that coat your lips for hours, but they do last a while. Not only that, they leave a slight stain so that when the product wears off, you're not left with weird patchy lips.
Just today I consumed ice cream (not a popsicle, I'm talking creamy, chocolate glazed chocolate ice cream) on my way to work and my lips needed just a slight touch up when I got to my desk (and that was mainly just me not wanting my lips to look a little faded).
The lippies do leave marks on cups, but that has very little impact on the lips.

Here are the swatches for both colors - just one swipe. Can you even believe the pigmentation of these?!

The packaging is also rather clever - the Chiffon line has a matte cap, and the Syrup line has shiny ones. The tube is square and on the small side, making it travel-friendly and ideal to chuck into your handbag no matter how small it might be. I really like this simple packaging - it doesn't look or feel cheap since there's good weight to it, but at the same time it's not overly elaborate that would make it less portable.
The applicator is doe-foot, but slanted on both sides - picking up quite a lot of product, so you might want to wipe off the excess on the rim for your first few applications, just until you get the hang of how it applies.

When I posted a picture of me wearing the Raspberry Plum [CPP01] shade on Instagram, I was told that the color looks different from stock photos, or pictures of other bloggers.
This is a point I want to address here - I do not alter my photos in any way, except an occasional crop and shadow removal. The colors do look different from the stock pictures on Missha's webpage, but I really doubt my own lip color has anything to do with it since they are incredibly pigmented.
My theory remains that the difference is the result of photo-editing and nothing else. So do keep that in mind when purchasing - the colors will be a little different from the pictures.
However, the lip color names are very accurate! So when it says Pink Light Red (or whatever translation), expect a pinkish-red shade, same with the Raspberry Plum - the shade is a plummy raspberry, it's neither very purple, nor berry (yes, I know, that makes *so* much sense).

wearing CRD01-Pinkish Red (single coat)

All in all, I am considering buying more of the Chiffon lippies, and maybe looking into the Syrup line as well (plain scientific curiosity, if you will), because these are a life-saver when you have to face people every day and want to make sure your lips look polished and not sloppy.

Name: Missha Painting Rouge Chiffon in CRD01 Pinkish Red & CPP01 Raspberry Plum 
Price: 6,800KRW in Korea, 7,98USD on Ebay (not affiliated with the seller)
Amount: 6,4g
Packaging: Black w/lipstick color box, see-through tube w/matte lid 
Performance: 9/10
  • Long-lasting
  • Very pigmented
  • Opaque on the first coat
  • Feels comfortable on the lips
  • Leaves behind a stain
  • Wears off evenly
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Pleasant scent
  • Applicator delivers exactly the necessary amount of product

  • Slightly drying
  • Leaves marks on cups/glasses
  • Not widely available outside of Korea

Where to buy: Missha counters, their online shop (only for certain countries, though) and Ebay
Verdict: Absolute keeper! If you've been looking for a good matte lip product - try this, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

That is all for today's Korean Beauty Review. Tune in on Friday for my take on the whole 'cushion-craze' - it's not what you'd expect!
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