Seems like Spring is in full swing. Ha, sorry for the bit of rhyme there, I'm simply loving the weather at the moment! After reading/...

Winter Favorites & Quick Reviews of the TOP 4

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

Seems like Spring is in full swing. Ha, sorry for the bit of rhyme there, I'm simply loving the weather at the moment!
After reading/watching many 'favorites' posts, I looked over my stash and realized that just like in the Fall, I've been pretty consistent with my Winter favorites - they all pretty much remained in continuous rotation up to this day. It will be a bit of a lengthy post though, since I want to include 'mini-reviews' of a few products.

Without much further ado, let's jump to see what I've refused to let out of my sight this Winter!

*as always, click to enlarge the pictures*

To start with, let's look at the general 'piles' - skincare, hair-care and beauty. Firstly we have the skincare&hair-care (and an odd shower gel):

Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack
Nature Republic Argan Cleansing Oil
Nature Republic Forever Lasting Precious Oil Essence
Nature Republic Moist Steam Cream
Innisfree Jeju Sudachi Soothing Face Pack (mini-review later on)
Yves Rocher Caramel Apple Shower Gel

Next there's the much more substantial 'beauty' pile, although do keep in mind this is 3-months worth of favorites, so I suppose not that substantial *.*

As with the fall favorites, I have been really consistent, and not that adventurous with my looks (mostly because, and I blame it on the Winter darkness, I've been too lazy to bother with extensive makeup procedures, if you will)

Left to right, top to bottom:

Etude House Dear My Blooming Shimmer Blusher in PK001 Pink Spectrum
SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Setting Powder in #21
A'Pieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream in CB01
Rituals Eyes and Face Palette in Peach [Discontinued]
Aritaum 6-pan palette - Mono Eyes in Ladylike, Single Malt and Cinematic
Clio Salon De Cara Roll Brush Mascara
Missha Signature M Color Fix Eyeliner in NV01 Navy Blue
Missha Signature Sepia Ink Eyeliner [review here]
Innisfree Auto Pencil Liner in #3 Champagne Pink
Innisfree Smart Makeup Blender [Highlighter]
Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes in #17 Graceful
Kanebo Sensai Rouge Intense Lasting Rouge in #109 Neshoubu
Missha The Style Matt Rouge in MWN01 Wine
Innisfree Creamellow Lipstick in #10 Latte Brown
Aritaum Cushion Tint in Trinity
Chanel Levres Scintillantes in #166 Amour
Dita von Teese for Artdeco Lip Lacquer in #70 [Discontinued]
Nature Republic By Flower Triple Volume Tint in #6 Rose
Aritaum Stylepop Pudding Tint in #4 Lollipop
Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure in #7 Tension Red
Aritaum World Glam Tint in #9 Las Vegas
Etude House Cherry Tint in RD301

Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to briefly look at a few 'star' products of this roundup. There weren't many terribly new discoveries, but there were a few products that really shone brighter than others. To begin with, my current Holy Grail facial cleanser - SwissPure Cleansing Cream [Moisture].

I got this little tub of wonders back in the Fall and have not looked back since (only forward, counting weeks when it would be considered okay to order a new one, since I'm not even half way through).
The brand is SwissPure - the newest baby from the makers of Missha and A'pieu. As the name suggest, they boast ingredients straight from the Swiss Alps (how much of that is true I cannot say, but seeing how wonderful the product is, I'm inclined to somewhat believe it). The main focus is cleansing products and they have three categories for that - Sensitive, Moisture and Fresh. Each category has a cleansing cream, oil and foam, as well as certain items available only in one of the formulations (for example - the cleansing water is only available in 'Fresh'). Each of the categories target different issues, and its quite easy to pick and chose - dry/combo skin should go for Moisture, and oily skin should opt for the Fresh, but if you have sensitive skin, obviously, try the Sensitive range.
I have dry/combination sensitive skin, but the Moisture cleansing cream did not irritate whatsoever, making me think that at least this line is also OK for sensitive skin.
I will leave this for a more thorough review, but let me just tell you that this is THE perfect little buddy for a morning cleanse. It doesn't remove makeup, but it does cleanse the skin wonderfully, leaving it feeling super soft and moisturized! Loving this <3

Next is my most recent purchase from Yves Rocher - Hydra Vegetal Serum & Cream.
I actually got these as an emergency after my 1-week long trip turned into a 1-month long, leaving me desperate as all my sample/travel sized skincare products were running dangerously low.
The YR Hydra Vegetal serum has been on my radar ever since Paris B from mywomenstuff praised it in her post way back in 2012 (time flies, huh?), but I never really needed it. However, the day finally came when I actually needed to pick it up! And oh boy am I glad I did - it is every bit as wonderful as I expected. Moisturizing, calming and it leaves my skin feeling extra 'bouncy'. This here is a love affair I'm not ashamed of **//

This is an old romance, peeking its head through. The Innisfree Yuzu Face Mask is one of the best moisturizing and soothing facial masks I've ever tried. You'd think that soothing and moisture would be the last things to expect from something made with citrus fruits (yuzu), but you'd be wrong.
It does wonders on my winter-wind swept face, soothing the redness and dry patches, leaving the skin feeling bouncy and soft. Not to mention it has the coolest jello-like consistency that evens itself out! Talk about having fun with your products ^^

Finally on my 'star' list are these two crimson beauties from Innisfree. On the left is the Camellia Essential Curling Essence and on the right is the Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum. Thanks to these two my hair is as long and healthy as ever! Since I've been on my hippie-inspired-I-just-want-to-have-hair-long-enough-to-cover-my-breasts obsession, I've struggled to find the perfect products to keep them healthy and gorgeous.
These do the trick and then some. Camellia oil has long been praised in Asia as the 'it' product for keeping the hair luscious and healthy, however in itself it is a little pricey, and a little heavy on my hair (it is wonderful to infuse my boxwood comb with though). Thus I was really happy to find something with Camellia oil that looked really promising.
Combined, the two products make my hair soft and reduce the frizz, while keeping my Disney-princess (according to my little sis) worthy waves lasting from one wash to the next one (which sometimes is as long as 5 days) with no need for any hair tools.

Well, that's it for today! Hope you've enjoyed *and got to the end of* this lengthy Favorites post.
I'm already testing out new products to tell you about, and I'm hoping I'll be able to bring more reviews and general impressions as the Spring goes!
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***DISCLAIMER - all the products in this post have been purchased by me and all the opinions are 100% honest. I have no affiliation with the companies/manufacturers.***