Hey there, gorgeous! It's been too long, far too long since my last Minute Beauty (or Beauty post of any kind, really).  My bad, lif...

Minute Beauty: Missha Glam Art Triple Lips SPF10 Review [TVL02]

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

Hey there, gorgeous! It's been too long, far too long since my last Minute Beauty (or Beauty post of any kind, really). 
My bad, life got in the way! But here I am, feeling refreshed and desperate for warmer weather, and ready to tell you about a seasonal love of mine. 

Jump in!

This post actually came to be in a rather accidental manner. Today was a gorgeous Spring day (can I get a YAY for March??) and I felt desperate, trying to find someone to take a nice coffee walk with me. My little sis came to the rescue and soon we were sipping mint lattes in the sunlight.

While getting ready, I felt that I want a bit of color on my lips, since I wasn't wearing any makeup (not even powder or mascara. Glancing over the liquid lip product box my eyes caught the beauty in fuschia - Missha's Glam Art Triple Lips in Peony Plum.
I got this in the autumn, from their A/W 2014 collection, but didn't feel like wearing it much during the colder months.

Thankfully now the weather is warming up, sun is finally not shying away from tickling us with warm rays and I think I'm ready to pull out the brighter colors of the spectrum out of the boxes.
Don't misunderstand - I am a big fan of brights during the colder months, however pinks like this one just scream Spring (or Summer) to me!

So, lets just dive right into the product, so to speak!

Missha never fails with the packaging. Even while Fuchsia Pink, it's still very chic looking, don't you agree? The gold trimming gives it a classy, expensive look, and as you'll see it is nearly identical to the tube itself!

The color, as mentioned, is Peony Plum [TVL02]. It is a cool-toned fuchsia pink, very reminiscent of peonies! I don't, however, see any plum, but that's not an issue here. The color is beautiful and it looks great with rosy cheeks (which, thanks to the wind, I have au naturel)

As you can see the product itself is housed in a fuchsia tube with gold embossing and trimming. Very classy indeed!
The applicator is a version of the doe-foot - slanted and slightly diamond shaped, tapering out at the tip. It is fantastic for applying the color to your lips with the utmost precision!
The product pools in the middle of the applicator, making sure you don't smear too much color on the first swipe.
The shade, as I mentioned, is a cool fuchsia that would look great on paler, cooler skin tones. I enjoy it because its a great on the go color - it brightens my face and adds a little attitude to my lips while still being very day-time appropriate.

Now the texture/consistency of the product - it is a kind of novelty, I suppose. This is what Missha has to say about the product;
"The Signature Glam Art Triple Lips features a Triple Layer Technology, making formula change from tint to gloss to lipstick with each touch up.
1 Touch: lively tint effect for a soft natural look
2 Touch: high glossy effect for smooth, moist shine
3 Touch: lip color effect for a vivid color fix"

It applies like a lip gloss, but has the pigmentation of a lipstick (the swatch is one light swipe), but once it sets (within 1 minute) it has a strange, slick feeling. It is by no means off putting or uncomfortable, and it moisturizes the lips throughout the wear rather well (Damascus Rose Water is second on the ingredients list, impressive). The feeling is kind of cool, almost watery-yet-syrupy, but almost without any tackiness and it stays strong for a good few hours. If you eat or drink, you will have to reapply since it is not a 'lacquer' type of product and it transfers easily, but even then it will leave a lovely tint.
I do not agree that the color intensity changes drastically, unless you apply in very thin layers - for me the first swipe results in fantastic pigment that only intensifies with a second coat. I do not recommend 3 coats, however, as the product does feel a little heavy!

Name: Missha Glam Art Triple Lips in Peony Plum [TVL02]
Price: 17,000KRW in Korea, 19,45USD on Ebay
Amount: 6ml
Packaging: Fuchsia Pink with Golden Embossing/trimming
Performance: 10/10
  • Pigmented
  • Moisturizing
  • Long-lasting
  • Very flattering shade
  • Pleasant scent
  • Applicator makes application easy (even without a mirror)

  • The slick feeling might not appeal to everyone
  • The scent lingers for a while
  • Transfers easily
  • 3rd coat feels a little heavy on the lips

Where to buy: Most Missha counters (Korea and elsewhere), Ebay
Verdict: Fantastic! A very Spring appropriate shade and a pleasant formula makes it a must have!

There you go! I hope you enjoyed the long overdue Minute Beauty and I hope we all will have more sunny Spring days!
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