Hello lovelies! Today it will be a quickie.  A while back I was browsing the websites for Innisfree and Etude House, making little wishl...

Quick Update: Global Websites for Innisfree and Etude House!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

Hello lovelies! Today it will be a quickie. 
A while back I was browsing the websites for Innisfree and Etude House, making little wishlists, as you do :) and in the process I noticed that the websites are lagging quite a lot! But then I saw notices go up, in Korean of course, saying that is due to the upcoming webpage changes. As I do not read Korean all that well, I didn't realize it was referring to the addition of actual global website!

*drum roll please*

I am incredibly excited to tell you that both Innisfree and Etude House now have English websites that offer international shipping!

This is the first window you get once you type http://innisfree.co.kr

If you click on PURCHASING (or go straight to http://www.innisfreeworld.com) you will be taken to an English version of their website, where you will be able to make international purchases! Another incredible feature is the fact that they offer free shipping - it comes with a certain purchase amount, and is certainly a lovely feature to have. Full instructions on how to get it are on the website.

***Currently there is a deal going on for sheet masks - 10+10 (buy 10 get 10 free) so make use of it while you can! It lasts until Feb. 15***

There are other offers available, such as 2+2 for hand cream as well as sample kits (if you buy over 50$ you can pick 2 'solution kits', one to use for yourself, one to give to your friend if you'd like).

Oh, and I cannot pass this up - currently you can buy 'Minho's Kra-bag' on sale! There are 10 designs to chose from and you get a tote bag, makeup pouch and card wallet. It is important to note that part of the proceeds received for these bags will be donated to build a school in Africa!

The website itself, I find, is rather chic looking with its simplistic design and use of earth tones. It is vastly different from its Korean counterpart, though. The Korean website is a lot more reliant on 'cute' visual presentation and is 'lighter' in both colors and design. Whereas the International page is playing the 'eco' card and the presentation is very 'nature' oriented. I find both websites easy to navigate, however, as I am used to the Korean version, it took a bit of time playing around to get a grip on the general commands. Overall, it is very aesthetically pleasing (more so than the Korean version, I must say) and comfortable to use.
What I do like about this website is how user-friendly it is - even if you are completely new to Innisfree, you won't have much trouble finding things that might interest you. They have the '8 solutions' section, where you can pick which issues you have and will see corresponding skin care line. The only drawback, but I am sure it is only temporary, is that not all their products are available (yet). So far the focus seems to be on skincare rather than makeup, but I am hoping in a short while majority of their products will be available internationally.
The website determines your location and currency, on the right at the top of the page, which can be adjusted to your preference. There is extensive information in English on shipping as well as the products. I have to say I am very pleased and impressed by this page and I am pretty it will make their business skyrocket!

Now for Etude House - there is a separate page, unlike the re-direction on Innisfree website, for English/International users - http://www.etudehouse.com
Click this and it will take you to the English version of their page. Once again, like Innisfree, this version is a lot simpler than the Korean one and it has a lot less visuals. It still retains the trademark pink design, making it very recognizable. 
The page, in my oppinion, lacks a bit of 'personality', if you will. I expected something more 'princess-y' and eye-catching, seeing as this is Etude House. Perhaps that will come in the future? But the current design is easy on the eyes, and is fairly simple to navigate. It did not impress me as much as the Innisfree one, mainly due to the lack of general effort in terms of 'appeal' as well as it being more reliant on people knowing about their products in advance.

***Promotion going on currently for their new Liquid In Lips lip color - until Feb. 22***

So here it is - really exciting news, don't you think? Now, hopefully, a whole lot more people will be able to try these two brands and learn why others have fallen in love with them.
Also, I expect other Korean brands to follow suit and come out with their international pages. Only time will tell what happens next.

Perhaps you already have your eye on something? Do tell me about it in the comments bellow.
Happy shopping, everyone!

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