*just hear those sleigh bells jingling....* damn it! Tell me I'm not the only one with Christmas songs already stuck in my head? As ...

Fall Favorites - Beauty, Perfume & Music

Sunday, November 30, 2014 Unknown 0 Comments

*just hear those sleigh bells jingling....* damn it! Tell me I'm not the only one with Christmas songs already stuck in my head?
As yet another year is nearing its inevitable end, it's time to recap on my favorites from this past season - Fall!
This is my first favorites post, as I usually don't purchase or change so many products every month. However, this Fall was quite active and full of little changes in my life, so I decided to put together a little post on what I've been loving.

At the end of this I'll treat your ears with a couple of music favourites as well, so stick around!

First up is the largest pile - naturally - the makeup. If you look closely, I've been pretty loyal to a certain color family (one that does not necessarily scream Fall!)
Somehow this fall I was drawn to warmer rose, rather than smokey chocolate and jewel, shades. Perhaps it's because I didn't have that many 'special' occasions to dress up for, but mainly because I pretty much have settled into a certain 'look' these past couple months - feminine, with just a hint of mystery. I found shades that really make my eyes pop and my face glow, and I've been loving them!
For starters - makeup that basically hasn't left my side throughout the Fall season.

Top row, left to right:

--Skin79 Super BB Cream (Gold)
--Aritaum Custom Eyeshadow palette (shades #49 Cinematic, #3 Ladylike & #65 Single Malt)
--TonyMoly Pure Aura CC cream
--Etude House Dear My Blooming Shimmer Blusher (PK001 Pink Spectrum)
--Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint (#Las Vegas)
--Nature Republic By Flower Triple Volume Tint (#2 Daisy)
--Clio Lipnicure (#7 Tension Red)
--Clio Salon de Kara Mascara (Roll Brush Volume&Curl)

Bottom row, left to right:

--RITUALS Eye&Cheek Glow (#Pink)
--TonyMoly Luminous Perfume Face Powder (#01)
--Aritaum Mono Shadow (discontinued packaging, #81 Silk Scarf)
--Nature Republic Collagen HD Dual Lipstick&Gloss (#Wine)
--Missha Signature Glam Art Lipgloss (#SRD05)
--Missha Signature Glam Art Triple Lips SPF 10 (TPK05)
--Innisfree EcoNail Color PRO (#107 Soft Pink Knit & #111 Vintage Shirt) 

My favorite skin & body care items (there are many more that I use daily, but these are absolute staples)
Left to right, top to bottom:

--Nature Republic Forest Garden Argan Cleansing Oil
--Nature Republic Forever Lasting Precious Oil Essence
--Nature Republic Forever Lasting Precious Melting Cream
--Nature Republic The First Eye Cream
-RITUALS Himalayan Salt Scrub (Sweet Almond Oil & Indian Rose)
--Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Tanning Lotion (review coming up this Tuesday)

I also decided to include a few 'random' items. Two long, black, beaded necklaces and the two wrings have been my loyal companions this November. I received them for my birthday and have been wearing at least one thing at a time almost every day - be it coffee with a friend, when I'll wear the large black ring, likely paired with the thin, long beaded necklace, or a night at the theater, where I'll pair both of the necklaces together, with either of the rings (or both, if my outfit is on the muted side).
And last, but certainly not least, is my rediscovered fragrance love - Narciso Rodriguez 'For Her' EDP. I've had this scent for a couple years now, always pulling it out when chilly weather rolls by, but somehow never really got into wearing it on a daily basis. Perhaps this season brought on a bout of maturity over me, or something, that makes me spritz this whenever I'm heading out the door.
I am definitely going to do a Smells Amazing! post on this.

Now, as promised, the music.
You might be disappointed (although I surely hope otherwise), but this season my ears have been indulging in slower, more nostalgic melodies.

***Absolutely NO copyright infringement intended, just sharing the official channels***

To start things off, I'm sure I'm not the only happy camper here, who can't contain excitement for Park Hyo Shin's return (though I do wish it was a full album). He never disappoints, with music that (regardless if you understand the lyrics or not) will tickle your emotions. His latest single 'Happy Together' always brings a smile to my face with a warm, simple and 'sunny' melody. It's a followup to his previous release, 야생화 'Wild Flower', which is also a gorgeous piece of music that features Park Hyo Shin's soaring vocals. Oh hell, I'll put them both in!


Next I have a song that came out months ago, but I somehow began to listen to it much more frequently only recently. This is a bit of a shift from the previous 'happy' song, as it is much more nostalgic and a little sad. The song, 우산 (Umbrella), is sung by Younha (if you remember, I've already featured one of her songs before). 
It's a remake of an Epik High song from before, where Younha also participated, but this time it's solely her - and I don't know which I prefer more, to be honest. Epik High's song has a more powerful mood to it and Younha's version is more touching, gentle and nostalgic. You should listen to both, and find our own preference, but I'll go with Younha's version for this post.

Finally, I'll wrap things up with an instrumental composition - Yiruma's Blind Film piano piece. This came out in 2013, in an album of the same name. The song is, simply put, mesmerizing. I find it both lifts up my spirits, and lulls me into a state of relaxation.
The past week I've been down with a sever cold and this was the only song that put me to sleep when otherwise I felt like my head was going to explode.
I highly suggest giving the entire Blind Film album a listen! I leave you with this...

That's it for today - happy December everyone! I'll see you on Tuesday when I'll be reviewing an exiting new product (Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Tanning Lotion).
I hope you enjoyed this little premiere.
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