I have sinned...greatly! I have promised this tutorial ages ago...and here I am, many months later, finally putting it up. Let's let...

Monday Mix: Miss A 'Hush' Inspired Makeup Tutorial [PHOTO HEAVY]

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I have sinned...greatly! I have promised this tutorial ages ago...and here I am, many months later, finally putting it up.
Let's let bygones be bygones though! 
Jump to post to see my interpretation of Miss A's 'Hush' makeup.

Fair warning - this post is rather long!

Let's talk briefly about the look - it's very vampy and sexy without being overloaded with sparkle (as it oftentimes is in K-pop videos). The look has just the right amount of shine and is based on warm brown shades. The picture below is my main inspiration - it's one of the PR images for 'Hush'. 
*side note - my personal favorites are Jia and Fei, they just look so damn daring and sexy*

I was immediately inspired to whip up something like this when I saw the video and the PR pictures. So, while watching the video a second time, I pullet out the shades I thought looked similar and started messing around.
I'm actually very satisfied with the final result! For me this is my go-to smokey eye look now. It's especially Fall friendly!
The look doesn't really take that much time and effort to put together, which is always very appreciated.

I put together a .gif just in case you want to have a reference without scrolling through all the photos. However, I want to provide a step-by-step guide as well so you don't have to stare at the .gif just to get things right.

I do apologize for the lack of 'after' shots, but my camera ran out of juice at the end.
Click on the photos to enlarge them!

***Important - you by no means have to use the same products I did! Some of the products are LE and now discontinued, so just use the colors and pictures for reference and play with what you have!***
  • Step 1: prep your face
    - I began with applying a BB cream in an even layer all over my face (using a sponge, but feel free to use fingers or a brush!) and then powder in place (matte!)
    *Products used - Skin79 Gold BBcream & SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder #13 Light Beige
  • Step 2: conceal
    -Flawless skin is very important for this look, as there won't be any major contour or blush going on! So grab your favorite concealer and dab away (personally, I just had dark circles to lighten up as the BB cream already did a great job evening out my skin), then set it with powder.
    *Products used - L'oreal Lumi Magique Concealer #Light & SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder #13
  • Step 3: Shading
    -Take a grey-brown matte powder and shade under your cheekbones lightly. It's supposed to give that slightly 'tired' look without harsh lines and much definition.
    *Products used - Catrice blush #Natural
  • Step 4: Highlighting
    -There is no blush in this look, just a touch of highlighter on the cheeks and nose, to make them higher. Don't use a sparkly powder, stick to iridescence (you want to have a ghostly 'glow', not a 'disco ball' look)
    *Products used - Innisfree Highlighter #Moonlight Beam
  • Step 5: Base
    -Apply a shadow base of your choice. I went with an iridescent cream shadow
    *Products used - Missha The Style Monotouch cream shadow #CBE01
  • Step 6: Gold
    -Apply a warm, golden shadow all over the lid.
    *Products used - Missha  The Style Shine Fall shadow #GBR01
  • Step 7: Chocolate brown
    -take a pencil brush, a chocolate-brown shadow and apply it in a < shape on your lid, shading the eyes
    *Products used - Missha The Style Silky Shadow Duo #7 (brown side)
  • Step 8: Espresso
    -take a darker, preferably matte, espresso brown shadow on a tapered brush and deepen the previous shading. Extend the shadow in a triangular shape, and also lightly brush under the lower lash-line to shade.
    *Products used - Missha The Style Monotouch shadow #NBR02
  • Step 9: Lash-line & Waterline
    -Take a black pencil and smudge along the upper lash-line to add definition. Now take a brown pencil liner and line your waterline. You can go with a black, but the brown keeps things interesting (and lighter)
    *Products used - Kiss Me Heroine Make eye pencil #Black & Rimmel ScandalEyes kohl #Brown
  • Step 10: Mascara
    -Take your favorite mascara, that gives plenty of volume and length, and whack on a couple layers! If you prefer to wear falsies - this is where you put them on.
    *Products used - Kanebo 38°C (Volumising) mascara

Your eyes are now ready to wink seductively at that cute next door neighbor, or to send death-glares at the girl with the perfect hair. Or the third option - and my personal favorite - to look gorgeous (I played with hair colors in this photo, so excuse the red)!

Lip options:
You have a few options here to play with, depending on your preferences and the occasion.

Option 1 - a nude lip - take your favorite nude lipstick, add a bit of gloss on top, and you're good to go! Or you can do what I did - apply BB cream on your lips and layer with a clear gloss for the perfect nude lip.
*Products used - Skin79 Gold BBcream & Dior Lip Maximizer gloss

Option 2 - a red lip - you can never go wrong with a red lipstick. Sure the eyes are bold, but by adding a Hollywood red lipstick, you'll go from bomb to bombshell!
*Products used - Rimmel ApocaLips #Big Bang & Artdeco with Dita Von Teese lip lacquer #70

Option 3 - gradation - this looks simply stunning combined with the eyes. Simply take a dark red/burgundy/purple lipstick/liptint and dab on the inner part of your lips. Then take a nude/golden lipgloss/lipstick and dab onto the outer part of the lips. Et Voila! This is a very popular lip look in Korea.
*Products used - Etude House Rosy Tint Lips #8 After Blossom & Lioele Blooming Gloss #7 Gold Beige


So there you have it - my take on the 'Hush' look! I hope you enjoyed this post, and I definitely hope you'll try out this look! If you post it on Instagram or Twitter, tag #mistyqhush so I can see your take on it.
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***DISCLAIMER: All the products mentioned have been purchased by me. Nothing is sponsored and I am not affiliated with any of the sellers/brands mentioned in the post***

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