As promised in my Monday Mix haul post, here comes a review of the new Innisfree Eco Nail Color PRO shades. Read on to find out more about...

Minute Beauty: Innisfree Eco Nail Color PRO F/W2014 Review & Swatches

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 Unknown 0 Comments

As promised in my Monday Mix haul post, here comes a review of the new Innisfree Eco Nail Color PRO shades. Read on to find out more about the shades and the collections!

Innisfree has released two new F/W2014 nail varnish collections and I couldn't resist picking up a few of the shades. I love the formula of the regular Eco Nail Color PRO, so I was exited to see new colors to chose from. Although color selection is not a problem when it comes to this line - currently the number of shades available stands at an impressive 119.

For the F/W2014 Innisfree added 14 (!!!) new shades, releasing them with two collections - the Tartan Check collection (pink/burgundy hues, plus a beige, a forest green and a navy blue shade) and the October Concert collection (3 grey-based shades, a deep orange, a chocolate brown, a sparkly blue and a festive green with multicolored glitter).

The inspiration behind Tartan Check collection is, as the name implies, the tartan fabric. Shades are named after differently themed warm knits and even Scotland itself.
The October Concert collection is inspired by acoustic concerts - cozy, bohemian clothing, guitars and festive moods.

In the picture (left to right) you can see the 4 shades I picked up from the Tartan Check collection - #107, #106, #111 and #110.

Let's run down the shades!

#106 is a beautiful, natural brownish beige with gold shimmer. The shimmer isn't all that prominent, but in daylight it adds a subtle golden sheen.
#107 is a mauvy rose pink. The shade is beautifully creamy and subtle, perfectly suited for chilly autumn days when you want to add a touch of femininity to your look without having to resort to bright, barbie pinks.
#110 is a true burgundy red. It's a little sheerer than the other 3, but not to a fault. It's a very classic, deep red that will looks great both while running errands or attending a Christmas party.
#111 is a midnight (navy) blue. It's a little darker in real life than it is in the picture, but the shade is no less stunning! I haven't really seen many deep blue shades, and certainly didn't have one in my possession (until now). I think it's a great alternative to the 'usual' fall hues of brown and red, as it adds a bit of something special to your look.

The swatches are all done without a base/top coat. The colors turned opaque at the second coat, which is fine with me because I always tend to apply 2 coats. The only color that was a little bit dodgy in application is #110 - the burgundy red - you have to be careful in order to apply the color evenly, otherwise it can look a bit patchy (nothing too noticeable though). Lasting power is wonderful, I'm on my 4th day now, no base/top coat, and I've washed dishes, worked out at the gym, and taken a couple showers - the colors are still holding strong, with only very minor tip wear.

Next I'm eyeing a few shades from the October Concert collection, as there are a couple that are quite unique (the orange, one of the greys and the green with multicolored glitter)! That will come probably at the end of November, if the postal services decide to be on Santa's nice list this year.

Name: Innisfree Eco Nail Color PRO shades #106 / #107 / #110 / #111
Price: 2,500KRW (1+1 or 2+2 campaigns happen frequently) at Innisfree counters / online shop in Korea or 4.98$ on Ebay at iamlove-shop
Amount: 6ml
Performance: 9.5/10 (the burgundy shade can look a little uneven)

  • Long lasting
  • No streaking
  • Full opacity after 2 coats
  • Excellent shade selection


  • The burgundy shade can be a little uneven
  • Not widely accessible out of Korea

Where to buy: Innisfree counters / online store, Gmarket, Ebay
Verdict: If you can get your hands on them, especially the new fall shades, I'd definitely say go for it! The shades are beautiful, the variety astounding and the quality is highly comparable to high-end varnishes at a fraction of the price.

That's all for this week's Minute Beauty post. Hopefully you found it informative and fun to read! Have you tried any of the new shades from the Eco Nail Color PRO line? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.
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