We are smack-dab in the middle of October already! Can you believe it? I sure can't... I finally have my new laptop send and ready...

Korean Beauty: Innisfree Mineral Single Shadows Review & Swatches

Thursday, October 16, 2014 Unknown 3 Comments

We are smack-dab in the middle of October already! Can you believe it? I sure can't...
I finally have my new laptop send and ready as well as a much more active blogging schedule planned for the upcoming couple months!

I want to talk about something I haven't really touched upon in this blog yet - eye shadows. Since I am certifiably addicted to lip products, I don't actually have such a vast collection of eye shadows, but I do have a few bits that I adore (and a few that I could have done without).

Today I'll introduce you to the three trios that I've put together from Innsifree. Fair warning - this post is rather long!

Interested? Continue after the jump to check out the swatches!

Although my shadow collection isn't very extensive, I have bits from at least 4 different Korean brands. The shadows are all at similar price points, so I am able to compare the quality on somewhat equal grounds.
Innisfree eye shadows were one of the latest additions to my collection. I got them online without live-swatches (talk about risky business!). I've been using them for a couple months now and have developed a somewhat more substantial understanding of the line.

Now, let me establish what I look for in a shadow:
  • Pigmentation! We're at a point when even drugstore shadows pack a punch, thus I expect any eye shadow to show up properly without a primer (unless, of course, it's meant simply to add sparkle)
  • Smooth, silky consistency - the eye area needs to be treated gently and I want my shadows to go on evenly without tugging or flaking and to blend without creating a muddy mess
  • Endurance - I'm not talking waterproof here, but I expect the shadows to last a normal 8-hour day out and about without much creasing, fading and/or flaking
See? 3 simple requirements! Most of my shadows definitely check on all three, but does Innisfree? Let's see!

Let's start with the colorful bit of this collection. From left to right the shades are 35호 - sparkly mint shade, 37호 - pinkish lavender purple, and 15호 - ocean blue/teal.
The light minty green and the pinkish-lavender purple were introduced with the S/S14 collection. They stood out as the most unique colors, so I had to grab them up. I also wanted  a deeper shade to pair with both of them, and I couldn't resist that ocean blue! 

Don't the shadows look lovely? How vibrant and sparkly are the colors... Alas, the two S/S14 shadows fall completely flat in terms of pigmentation! If you look at the swatches below, you will see how ridiculously sheer they are! I cannot even tell you how disappointed I was when the purple shade turned out to be a simply all-glitter-no-color shade. The green one is only slightly better, as the color shows up just a wee bit more with this one. Still, a complete let down!
The third shadow is a totally different story. Once I saw how sheer the other two were, I was very worried that it would be similar, but it turned out to be an absolute delight. Differently from the other two, this shade has some seriously impressive pigmentation. The swatch you see is with one light swipe only, without a primer! Not to mention the color - simply gorgeous! It's somewhat of a cross between teal and navy blue, with fine silver glitter that only enhance the 'ocean' quality of this shade.

Now onto the second point - consistency. As you can probably see - all three shadows are sparkly. But the formulas here are like night and day.
S/S14 colors are made from chunky glitter that flakes all over the place when you're applying it (so do your eyes before your face!) They definitely require a primer or a cream-color base to bring out the intended shades. For me that is a deal-breaker because I don't want to faff around with primers on a regular day. When I'm feeling more playful and have more time on my hands, I am able to make the shadows work (with a great deal of layering and priming), but it shouldn't be so!
The darker shade is silky and buttery to the touch, and it doesn't produce too much fallout (there is some, but that's a given with any dark and sparkly shadow). It applies and blends like a dream and the  lasting power is excellent - only very minor creasing and fading at the end of the day.

***application suggestions***
The glittery shades are great if you have a similar-colored cream base. That way you can create various fairy and mermaid inspired looks, and the ocean shade fits both of the colors excellently to use for shading.
The ocean shade is really the bomb though - you can either use it for light shading or layer for a more intense color, you can also apply it on the lower lash-line with a neutral eye-look for a pop of color. I have even worn it by itself, and it looked stunning!

The next trio is my go-to 'sunny' eye. I like to use these colors when I'm in a more romantic mood and want a golden/pink sunset eye. Pair it with a loose braid, cozy sweater and a fluttery dress - you'll have yourself a wonderful autumn romance ^_~

After my (mostly) disappointing first venture into Innisfree shadows, I was very careful not to pick the extremely glittery shades. The shades here are, from left to right, 34호 - a sparkly, sunny gold, 6호 - a peachy-pink shade with a very fine gold sparkle, and 28호 - a matte espresso brown.
The golden shade your straight-up, cool-toned gold sparkle. Pigmentation here isn't strong, but it really isn't meant to be overwhelmingly opaque! It doesn't flake like the other two glitters, which is a relief.
The pink shade has a beautiful peachy-golden sheen to it. The color is rather saturated and the glitter is extremely fine. It's a warm rosy color, not a Barbie-like pastel, and I love it!
The matte brown is definitely a show-stopper as it's incredibly pigmented. The shade is of espresso coffee - a rather neutral (but not yet grayish) brown that would go well with a myriad of different shades.

The formula is consistently smooth throughout all three shades, and they all blend beautifully. Not to mention, they all last throughout the day, well into the night!

***application suggestions***
The pink shade is wonderful for a sunset-look, as it's a warm shade that goes well with Fall colors. Also, I imagine, it would be beautiful as a blush, as it's not too sparkly and has a nice golden sheen to it.
The brown is a great shade to use as a liner or to shade the lower lash-line. Use it lightly to define your eye for the day-time, and smoke it out more intensely for your evening activities!
Use the golden shade to highlight the inner corners of your eyes, apply it in the middle of your lid for an extra pop or wear it on its own with a bit of brown smudged in the lash-line!

The last trio is the most neutral of them all, but it is my favorite! This is perfect to have as a go-to everyday look without it being too flat.

The shades here are, from left to right, 3호 - a warm, antique gold, 23호 - a satin-finish latte brown, and 10호 - a greyish purple with somewhat of a holographic sheen thanks to the multicolored glitter.

The shades, as you can see, are absolutely stunning!
The beautiful, warm antique gold is less pigment and more sparkle, but, again, that is expected from such shade (but it's not a flaky mess).
The latte brown is very shiny and has very faint taupe undertones.
Last shade - the purple - is the most complex shadow I've ever seen! I has a grayish-purple base and multicolored glitter scattered throughout that give it a holographic look. The shadow will look different depending on the lighting, but always gorgeous!

Like with previous trio, these also have buttery-smooth texture and wonderful lasting power. There is nothing more to be said about this trio, as it is simply splendid!

***application suggestions***
Combined together they produce a lovely neutral look with just a touch of edginess (thanks to the purple shade). If you layer the purple to intensify it, this will make a great antique-gold smokey look that will go with any outfit!
Also, you can use all the three shades individually, or paired with other shadows, and they won't disappoint!
Since plummy looks are all the rage this Fall, try the purple as an all-over color with a dab of the antique gold in the center of the lid for a little something extra.

Now the packaging - all of these shadows are singles, the trios were assembled by moi. Innisfree is known for their simple, sleek packaging and they are no different - singles are housed in plastic containers with a clear lid so you can see the color. The plastic is sturdy and doesn't have a cheap feeling what-so-ever.
The singles are very easy to depot - simply peel the sticker off the back (do it carefully if you want to label your palettes) to reveal the small hole. Push a pin or a needle into it, popping the shadow pan out! Usually the pan has enough glue on the bottom to stick into the palette, but add a little extra if you want to feel more secure.

The empty trio palettes are sold separately, so you have to put them together yourself. There are pin-holes on the back of the palette for each pan, just like the singles, so moving the shadows around is a breeze!

The palette itself is about the size of a credit card and a little less than 1 cm thick. It's cream in color, with Innisfree's logo on the lid - very understated but sleek. Inside you'll find a big mirror and a dual-sided brush/sponge, which I actually like to keep because the brush tip is great to apply the darker shades to the lower lash-line/smudge out eyeliner. The plastic is very sturdy and the lid snaps shut very tightly, so you don't have to worry about breaking your shadows.
I find the palettes extremely easy to travel with - pop them in your purse and you're good to go! Because you can rearrange the shadows easily, you'll always have the colors you like the most with you.

To round up, I have to say I'm impressed! I find that their quality (for the most part) is definitely above the price point, not to mention Innisfree often has 1+1 offers, which makes this an absolute bargain!

Name: Innisfree Mineral Single Shadows
Price: 5,000KRW (+3,000KRW for the palette) on Innisfree's website and Gmarket, 7,98USD from iamlove-shop on Ebay (not affiliated)
Amount: 2,3g (in comparison, M.A.C singles have 1,5g)
Packaging: Sturdy, cream-colored plastic.
Performance: 9/10 (the two glittery shades knocked off a point)

  • Very affordable (especially if you get the 1+1 deal)
  • Generous amount (almost twice as much as M.A.C at half the price!)
  • Great variety - 47 shades (with new ones being added seasonally)
  • Shades cater to a variety of skin-tones
  • There are different formulas available - sparkly glitter (that would make Sailor Moon proud), silky satin and buttery mattes
  • Most shades have strong pigmentation
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to blend
  • Single pans are easy to depot
  • Trio palettes are easy to travel with and switch the shadows around
  • Trio palettes have a mirror

  • Some of the heavy-glitter shades can be very sheer
  • Some of the heavy-glitter shades can migrate during the day
  • Shadows have some fallout (depends on the formula)

Where to buy: Innisfree counters, stores and website, Gmarket, Ebay (not affiliated with the seller)

Verdict: For the price - an absolute steal! Definitely check it out if you're looking for an affordable, but high-quality addition to your eye-shadow collection.
Also, the trio palettes would make a great Christmas gift!

That is it for today, lovelies! I hope you enjoyed my (rather extensive) review of the Innisfree single eye shadows and will check them out!
Have you tried other shades? Or had better luck with the ones that didn't work for me? I'd love to hear about it!
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***DISCLAIMER: All the products in this review have been purchased by me. Nothing is sponsored and I am not affiliated with any of the sellers mentioned in the post***


  1. Very nice colors specially the pink one. Also like the idea of empty palettes and then filling them with pans.

    1. Thanks!
      I really love the little palettes, they're great for travelling.