Happy (upcoming) Halloween! I hope you're having a spook-tacular day/night! Today I decided to write about something completely di...

Friday Fright Night With a Twist - My TOP 5 [FUN] Halloween Movies

Friday, October 31, 2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Happy (upcoming) Halloween!
I hope you're having a spook-tacular day/night!
Today I decided to write about something completely different - movies. As the post title suggest, I'll be talking about my Top 5 favorite Halloween movies.
Probably it'll be a little different than most 'Halloweenie' movie lists, since mine does NOT include slashers/horror movies, only frontier fun! Perhaps it'll be an inspiration for your solitary (or group) movie night.

Just for the hell of it, I'll include my (kind of Halloweenie) FOTD with my new hairstyle - I call it the accidental doll look

Without further ado, let's get crackin' with the list!
For the record - these are all my (brief) personal opinions, which you don't have to agree with or like, I am sharing this just for fun!

Who you gonna call?! Need I say more?
This is an absolute classic when it comes to Halloween entertainment and I'm all for it! Just in case you haven't seen it - and you should - here's what you need to know:
-there are ghosts (like the green Slimer, hilarious, not scary)
-there's funky 80's music
-there's a whole lot of hilarity and sarcasm
See? No spoilers what-so-ever. Seriously, watch it (again)!

2. ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (A Different Set of Jaws)
Yet another classic. This is a movie no Halloween should go without! It's got a cross-dressing, sassy tunes-singing Tim Curry with legs that go for days (honestly, the man has a more perfect set of pins than most women I've seen) and nearly two hours worth of musical shenanigans that will have you doing the Time Warp in no time!
Don't roll your eyes if you haven't seen it, this isn't your generic musical - it is as un-generic and entertainingly naughty as possible!
*side note - we don't really celebrate Halloween in my country, so this year went without costume parties. However, next year I fully intend to be part of some sort of amazeballs party, dressed as Doctor Frank-N-Furter!*

This is also a Halloween classic, but much more family-oriented. Yet, I still love it, even if I am a grown up now (or at least I try to be).
The whole story happens on Halloween, so it's an absolute no-brainer! Three wicked witches (and a zombie) try to suck the life out of innocent children, while an undead cat and three kids try to stop them. Trust me though, there's nothing in the movie to make it unsuitable for kids, if anything it actually reinforces whole kinds of good-versus-evil moral values!
Not to mention, you'll have Bette Midler putting a spell on you through her wickedly enjoyable performance!

Much like Hocus Pocus, this is a family friendly Halloween movie about...ghouls! 
I know that it's not highly rated by critics, but hell, it's fun and touching!
Christopher Lloyd plays his usual energetic, whacky good guy, who will teach you and your kids a lesson or two about cherishing your loved ones (and lose a few limbs in the process, no worries, nothing a screwdriver won't fix)!

 I get so confused every year - should I watch it on Halloween? Or on Christmas Day? Safe to say I'm not good at making decisions, so I just end up watching it BOTH on Halloween and Christmas Day. 
Tim Burton simply outdid himself on this one, as it's a story for both the young ones and the adults alike. It's dark, yet somehow cheerful, and there certainly are a few terrifying moments (Oogie Boogie haunted my nightmares days after Halloween), yet there are so many strangely warm and inspiring moments, that both adults and children alike are bound to stay stuck to the screen, in the matter of speaking, taking in it all.
Oh, and we mustn't forget all those ear-tickling tunes you'll end up humming to yourself until Christmas!

This isn't a 'favorite' per se, but it sure is worth a watch, especially if you're feeling a little sinister.
As a closeted goth, this movie is dear to my heart for so many *strange* reasons. Then again, you can't help but grin wickedly as you watch Beetlejuice wreck havoc.
*side note - am I the only one who wants to reenact the Banana Boat song-table dance at a party?? It looks like it would be a blast*

***I'm also adding a picture of my sister and her friend with the makeup I did for their high-school Halloween party - evil sorceress & broken doll***

That's all for today - that 4th piña colada is telling me to turn on another movie...can't argue with exotic alcoholic beverages, now can I?

Hope you'll have a terrific time if you chose to watch any of the movies from my little black list!
I'd love to know if you did, and how you spend your Halloween!

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