It has been a while! I still haven't recovered all the data from my recent laptop crash, thus I have been unable to stick to my blog s...

Smells Amazing! Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege EDP Perfume Review

Friday, September 26, 2014 Unknown 0 Comments

It has been a while! I still haven't recovered all the data from my recent laptop crash, thus I have been unable to stick to my blog schedule. *bows deeply* Do forgive me! However, I still have my camera and plenty of time on my hands, so I have to keep on moving.
For today, I decided to write a post about something completely different - perfume. I just got my long-awaited Lanvin Éclat d’Arpège in the mail and I decided it's as good a time as any to talk a bit about this lovely scent!

Do keep in mind that perfume is a very personal thing, thus, you might not experience it the same way like I did.
So, meet my secret love affair...

This isn't a new scent, by any means. Lanving came out with Éclat d’Arpège back in 2003, as a lighter version of their classic Arpège perfume. I have been lusting after it for a good 5-6 years myself! Don't know why I never committed to a bottle as I have surely spent a small fortune on my other perfumes, and this one certainly does not break the bank! Alas, I waited until now, and I am actually rather happy with that decision (will talk about that later on)

First, let me put in a few words regarding the packaging - isn't it just beautiful? 
Looking at the bottle in its original box I get a very ethereal feeling. It looks as if the bottle is floating in the air, filled with a magical potion (I also blame the lovely lilac color).
I actually appreciate that the box is of sturdy, clear plastic, as it looks gorgeous on the vanity, while providing a safe way to store the bottle (I am notoriously clumsy, thus, I like not having to worry about knocking over the bottle accidentally). 
The bottle itself is glass, with a silver plastic cap. There's a large gem resting on the top of the cap, and two gold plastic rings on the bottom of the cap. Although it is a little disappointing that they are not made of a more durable material, the bottle still looks very elegant. 
The packaging, overall, is very simplistic yet chic, and I adore it!

Now let's look at the composition of this wonderful scent! According to Lanvin Parfums, Éclat d’Arpège is 
"a dazzling fruity floral fragrance, a blend of femininity and sensuality, spontaneity and elegance.
Fresh and joyful, the delicious notes of lilac leaves and lemon are quickly followed by a tender heart of green tea leaves and peony. The base notes unfurl on a bed of cedar and musk"

The composition is as follows:
Top notes: Lilac, Sicilian Lemons, Bouquet of Freesias
Heart notes: Green tea leaves, Peach tree leaves, Peony
Bottom notes: Lebanese white Cedarwood, White musk, Amber

From the first spritz on my wrists the perfume opens with a definite Freesia tone and a touch of Lilac. The Sicilian lemons aren't profound at all, but I think it's the reason why the scent is refreshing (while being very floral). After a while (1-2 hours) the scent settles along the lines of Peachy Peony, with just a hint of light green tea. I can also say that it's when Amber starts coming through, as the scent gets warmer with time. Finally, after a good 6-8 hours, the scent is barely detectable (although still definitely present) and gives off very serene, warm tones of cedar and musk, with just a wee bit of that peony.

For me this is a very universal scent, that can be worn both during a brunch with your girlfriends as well as a romantic dinner with your SO. It's very calm, if I may say so, and rather dreamy. However, it is not sickly sweet or overly floral (thanks to the green tea, citrus and the musk), it retains a fresh and delicate nature throughout its wear time.

Also, I would say, it's rather seasonally universal. In the autumn and winter the warmth of the scent provides comfort and elegance, while in the spring/summer the fresh, floral notes will definitely bring out your playful, dreamy side.

Now onto the reason why I'm glad I didn't own this perfume before - I think I was a little too young! Yes, sure, age is a very relative thing, but to my mind, this perfume is for someone already in their 20s (and over). Although it is floral and gentle, it has that lovely bit of amber and musk that makes the scent just a touch heavier and more suitable for a woman, not a girl.

This, I think, is a perfume for an elegant woman, but also someone who enjoys daydreaming now and then. She walks gracefully and looks slightly out of place in the mundane every day life, with a gentle smile on her lips.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this particular purchase and would definitely recommend a whiff if you have the chance! Have your tried it? Perhaps it's your signature scent? Or perhaps you didn't quite love it? Do share your experiences!
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