It's been a mess of a summer this one! So many things happened, but my main take is that technology loathes me! Long story short - m...

Technology Hates Me! Lions Youth Summer Camp And Other Tidbits From My Summer + Photos

Saturday, August 23, 2014 Unknown 0 Comments

It's been a mess of a summer this one! So many things happened, but my main take is that technology loathes me!
Long story short - my laptop crashed. I had it for a little over 2 years now, and somehow the graphics card managed to die completely. Please, tell me I'm not the only one to have such rotten luck with technology, since this is the third computer in the past 6 years...
That's not even the worst crashed while I was writing my Bachelor's goodbye graduation, at least for now...

Anyway, my summer was quite fun! Jump in to find out and also browse some photos ^_^

Other than that my life's been quite stable the past couple months. With a few downs, but mostly rather level and 'normal'. I spent the past 3 weeks working at a Lions youth camp here in Sweden. My main focus was Lions Youth Camp Simrishamn, where 20 youths from Lithuania and 10 from Sweden participated in, later I also helped out at the Lions Youth Exchange camp for 14 international youths (I do mean international - we had people from Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Germany, France, Faroe Islands, Czech Republic, Austria, Holland, Italy, Belarus and Israel). Thus I've been quite up to my elbows in fun activities and a bit of mommying..

I've been a member of Lions International for less than a year now, but I'm very proud to be a Lion, as the things Lions do are truly magnificent. I even have my own baby project running, which I hope I'll be able to talk about more in the future!

The idea for the camp was to introduce Lithuanian youths to various 'Swedish' things to pull them away from everyday life. The range of activities was truly impressive - from Tosselilla amusement park to horse breeding farm, from Johanna's Vintage Car museum to golf, Blue Planet aquarium in Copenhagen and other fun things. Every day was filled with exiting new things to do, from early morning to late at night.

We stayed at a scout camp, with quite lovely 'dorm' type rooms with bunk beds and a main house that served as the meeting point, work space and also dining room.

Speaking of dining, we had an amazing chef preparing food for us. Every evening we had different meals that could have been pulled out straight from gourmet restaurants. It wasn't the healthiest of diet, but it was well-rounded and provided a nice recovery after activities that kept us moving throughout the day.

As a camp leader and also somewhat within their age group (14 to 18, me being 22), I got to meet truly amazing young people, some of whom I can easily see being very proud of in the near future!

The international campers were a little older (17 to 21) and thus needed a little less mommying, and a little more independence (it was quite nice, and lots of fun to hang around with them). Seemed like they became really close, regardless of coming from very different cultures, and it was simply fabulous to see them behave like one big bundle of siblings to each other. Once again, I saw amazing young people with an incredible zest for life!

Aside from that my summer was rather calm. Right now I'm relaxing at a friend's place (with a cold that's kicking my behind) and enjoying the last sunny August days. With September, hopefully, will come new adventures. And, although financially painful, will come a new laptop, so I can get back to my regular beauty reviews, favorite recipes and other entertaining blog bits.

I'm also finishing up Murakami's 1Q84 and excitedly waiting for 'Colorless Tsukuru' to reach my doorstep. With that, I am weaving an idea for a book-related blog thread, to talk about my favorite authors and their works...will see what happens!

I'm leaving you with a bunch of photos from my summer, do leaf through them (click to enlarge)! 


How was your summer? Did anything daring, exiting or perhaps simply relaxing? Do share!
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Until next time, lovelies!