Good morning! Today I thought I'd post something a little different from my usual content - a little 'birthday project' I did ...

In the Kitchen with Harry Potter! Recipe No.1 - Fever Fudge

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Good morning! Today I thought I'd post something a little different from my usual content - a little 'birthday project' I did for my sister. She just turned 14, and both of us absolutely adore Harry Potter, so I decided to roll up my sleeves and give her a piece of that magic! 

I made 5 Honeydukes treats mentioned in the books, purely out of my own imagination, thus I thought I'd make a short series of recipes sharing them with you. Let's start with the first of the 5 recipes - my amazing Fever Fudge!

Curious? Jump in!

My plans started way before I got back to Lithuania, since I wanted to give my little sis something extra special this year. I started looking up various Harry Potter related recipes and ideas to get the picture of what I'm aiming for.

Honestly, I ended up a little disappointed with how generic most recipes I found were, not much inspiration going on! Not to mention, most of the recipes only actually concentrated on only very few of Honeydukes treats (like butterbeer or sugar quills). So, I decided to wing it! I'm a pretty good cook, if I may say so myself, thus I wasn't really going in blind-folded, sort to speak. My imagination always works wonders when given free space, and I have to say, this time I outdid myself!

The first thing I decided to make was Fever Fudge. There are quite a few recipes of this floating around, but I found them to be far too spicy (and a little 'off' the concept). It's very personal, I'm sure, but for me Fever Fudge was supposed to be regular-looking fudge that would heat your mouth, not make you tear up. Also, thinking about actual fever, I decided to add candied ginger into the mix (since ginger is a great remedy for fever, but is also quite 'hot' in flavor). the outcome was an absolute success! The fudge came out tasting still fudgey, but with the most amazing 'warmth' from the chili chocolate and ginger. Also it was the first of 5 treats to vanish...not without the help from my sister, of course!

Here is my take on the Fever Fudge! Great thing is that you can adjust the amount of each ingredient to your taste.

You'll need:
  • 200 grams of dark chocolate
  • 200 grams of chocolate with chili (I used Lindt)
  • 1 can of condensed milk (~397g)
  • ~50g of unsalted butter
  • 10-12 pieces of candied ginger (about 1inch diameter)
  • cinnamon
  • a pinch of salt

Let's get cookin':
  1. Finely chop up the candied ginger. It should be just fine enough to evenly disperse through the batter, but still give a pleasant surprise to bite into!
  2. Boil water in a pot and put a glass bowl over it. Now add the chocolate *TIP - add it in 3 steps, to make sure it melts evenly*
  3. After adding the first batch of chocolate, add the butter, so it heats and mixes together with the chocolate
  4. Once you've mixed and melted it all, pour in the condensed milk. *TIP - have it at room temperature, it will make mixing easier*
  5. Finally, once it's all nicely incorporated, turn off the heat and add the chopped ginger
  6. Mix to make sure it's all evenly incorporated and not just lumped here and there
  7.  Pour the batter into a baking tray, silicon mold or a glass dish, at ~1-2cm thickness *TIP - line it with parchment paper for easy removal once it sets*
  8. Smooth the batter with a spatula, making sure it's all nicely leveled
  9. Sift some cinnamon on top, covering in a light, even layer (add as much as you want)
  10. Whack it in the refridgerator! Best left overnight, but good after 4-5 hours
  11. Once it's completely set,  take it out of the mold/tray and start cutting up into 1-by-3 centimeter rectangles (or whatever size/shape you prefer)
  12. I piled it into a jar, dusting each layer with cinnamon, but you're welcome to present it any way you please! *TIP - keep the fudge in the fridge until you're ready to serve it, as it softens quickly*
That's it for the first Harry Potter inspired recipe! For the young ones, this fudge is great with tea or milk, and for those of us no longer considered 'underage' - this is great with a glass of red wine! This is a perfect addition to any Harry Potter themed party, as it's sure to please fans of all ages (not to mention, as it's not hiccup-inducing in spiciness, everyone can have a taste).

Stay tuned for the rest of my Harry Potter inspired recipes! Liked it? Made it? Would love to hear how it turned out!
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