Top of the morning to you! Hope you're staying in the shade these days, it's mad hot outside!  I finally moved back home from Sw...

Minute Beauty: Kanebo Sensai Rouge Intense Lasting Color Review&Swatches (IL 109 NESHOUBU)

Thursday, July 10, 2014 Unknown 1 Comments

Top of the morning to you! Hope you're staying in the shade these days, it's mad hot outside! 
I finally moved back home from Sweden and have been enjoying the cool darkness of my bedroom the past few days. I haven't been doing much shopping as I've been pretty busy with work and studies, among other things, but I couldn't help grabbing a tube of Kanebo Sensai lipstick at the airport, as it was 30% off!

I've decided to make this review a Minute Beauty post as it's quite straightforward and quick (that's what I'm hoping to achieve anyways). So scroll down to find out more about this little gem!

Let's get down to business - Kanebo has always been, personally, one of those luxury brands I would look at, but never actually purchase anything from. Majority of the prices are way too taunting for the wallet of a university student! I received a mascara as a gift from my mother couple years back and fell in love with it, but have been using it sparingly since, again, it costs much more than I'm used to spending on makeup.

My visit at the Duty Free store was pretty much same as the times before - after sauntering through the customs I made my way to my usual brands (YSL, Clinique and Chanel), alas, they didn't have anything that would catch my attention . Also, let's admit, the prices at Copenhagen Airport are usually higher than locally (and non-tax free) in Lithuania. Thus, I decided to browse the Kanebo display as I saw they had some discounts going on. I was dead set on not spending more than 30EUR, since that's what I had in cash, and therefore didn't expect to find anything worthwhile there for that amount. I was wrong! The Rouge Intense set me back 'only' 28EUR.

Fifteen minutes of swipe on-wipe off of every shade the Rouge Intense had to offer I was sold on IL 109 Neshoubu. It is the most beautiful peachy-pink color with a light sheen that is simply perfect for a quick summer day-time look (for the fairer ladies out there). Not to mention the staying power is truly impressive on this one!

Starting with the packaging - it's in the classic Kanebo Sensai navy blue shade, the case made of heavy plastic, lipstick bullet housed in a chrome tube. Overall it has a rather chic and expensive feel to it (no surprise there!) while keeping to the minimalist design.

The lipstick itself has a wonderful feeling on the lips - it's not too slick or creamy, just in-between, hugging the lips comfortably with a medium-pigment single coat. A second coat will give you full opacity and sit just as comfortably as the first one. The staying power of the lipstick is rather impressive - after the sheen wears off (that's about 4-5 hours later) you'll be left with a beautiful stain that will pretty much last until you remove it! And it does it without drying out the lips, which in my book is a real achievement. 

Take a look for yourself  - this is a swatch on my lips, applied without any balm underneath and my lips being quite dry at the time. Yet - it didn't accentuate any of the dry patches.

Do forgive the abundance of freckles, it's my summertime curse, and I wasn't wearing any makeup for this one!

All in all, I'd say this is an easy favorite of mine, and I would definitely repurchase it even for the full price! The shades they have available are sure to suit many different skin tones, although none of them are overly dramatic (I do appreciate that, though, as Kanebo Sensai is a rather elegant line).

Name: Kanebo Sensai Rouge Intense Lasting Color, shade IL 109 Neshoubu
Price: 28EUR (Copenhagen Airport, duty-free)
Amount: 3.7g
Packaging: Navy plastic/chrome casing, sleek and chic
Performance: 10/10

  • Long-lasting
  • Easily build-able opacity
  • Sits comfortably on the lips
  • Non-drying
  • Variety of shades available caters to various skin tones
  • No detectable scent

Cons: I can find absolutely nothing wrong with this lipstick!

Where to buy: Your local Kanebo counter, duty-free stores 
Verdict: Absolutely love this one! If you have a Kanebo counter near you, it's worth checking out to find your perfect to-go color!

That's it for now, lovelies, I hope you're having a great week! Remember to hydrate, avoid prolonged sun exposure and always wear sunscreen!
Have you tried any of the Rouge Intense lipsticks from Kanebo? I'd love to hear your experience! Don't forget to subscribe and spread the love ^_~


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