My oh my, July has been hell (literally). The temperature has been climbing steadily since June, it's almost 30C (or sometimes 35C) de...

Korean Skincare Reviews: Innisfree Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam

Saturday, July 19, 2014 Unknown 2 Comments

My oh my, July has been hell (literally). The temperature has been climbing steadily since June, it's almost 30C (or sometimes 35C) degrees during the day now! It's absolutely insane! The one thought that comforted me after leaving Korea was that I won't have to deal with the insane summer heat anymore...I couldn't have been more wrong *insert a silent cry of desperation*

With all this heat I can't bear wearing too much makeup, but I still wear a light dusting of pressed powder and a wash of color on my lids, plus a quick coat of mascara (when I go out). However, I always get home rather late and I usually don't have the energy for an elaborate cleansing routine. Alas, however short my cleansing routine is, I never skip my foam cleanser.
For the past couple of months I've been test-driving a new cleansing foam and I think I'm ready to present my thoughts to you!

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For the past year or so I've been happily using The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam, which I purchased back in July of 2013 (just like this one, it is a 300ml tub, and there's still some left!) when I was still living in Korea. Sadly, it started getting close to its inevitable expiration date and I had to scour the internet for a replacement. I saw Innisfree having a sale and asked my friend to grab this for me to try. I have tried the cleansing oil from the Apple Juicy line, which was rather delightful, so I was keen on trying this out.

Fast-forward to beginning of May when I finally decided to start using this, as I left my FaceShop cleanser back at home. It's been roughly three months now, thus I believe I have formed a quite substantial opinion about this particular foam cleanser!

And I love it! I, personally, do not have too many requests when it comes to foam cleanser (as they usually are pretty basic), but I was a little spoiled by the FaceShop one, as it not only cleaned my skin, but made it look brighter and feel smoother compared to ones I've used before. The Apple Juicy is highly comparable to the Rice Water cleanser, albeit the former is just a tad stronger in the cleansing department (which is good, in my book).

Innisfree claims that the Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam "offers softness and healthy radiance to your skin like a freshly washed apple"

To begin with, the consistency is a very classic thick white paste that you turn into a lovely creamy lather either with a foaming net (better lather) or wet hands (turns into more of a cream than a lather). It goes on smoothly onto a damp face, and even when I use it to remove last bits of eye-makeup, it doesn't sting too much (or at all, depending how good you are at keeping your eyes shut...which I'm not..).

Furthermore, their claims are spot on. The cleansing properties are excellent on this one - with a bit of gentle massage it leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean and smooth, without drying it out. That being said, if you have extremely dry skin, you might want to look into a different cleanser (perhaps a gel, or an O2 based one), because this really does cleanse deeply. Otherwise I feel this goes nicely with both oily and combo-to-dry skin types.
Not only that, it leaves the skin feeling rather bouncy and really smooth ( I do kind of get the comparison to a "freshly washed apple") as well as looking brighter. There is a faint fresh aroma to it, not an apple, but not chemical either, just fresh. It doesn't linger, but simply provides a nice little pick-me-up when using the cleanser.

Makeup used, left to right: Etude House Color Lips Fit-Innisfree Waterproof Gel Liner-KissMe Heroine Make Waterproof Eyeliner
As for removing makeup - I usually double-cleanse (use an oil cleanser to remove makeup, then a foam cleanser) so I never had issues with makeup residue. A couple times when I was wearing nothing but powder on my face and non-waterproof mascara I did only use the Apple Juicy cleanser - it did a good job removing the minimal makeup! But I wouldn't bet on it removing anything heavier than that (which is pretty standard when it comes to cleansers of this type).
In the picture above all three swatches are supposedly waterproof (personally I'd say only the liners are really waterproof), but it came of without excessive rubbing, leaving the skin clean and bright!

Back of the tube, including an instruction in English and the ingredients

All in all, I'm rather happy with this particular cleanser, and I might repurchase it in the future (far future, as I'm not even half way through it yet). So, let me break it down for you!

Name: Innisfree Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam
Price: ~10-13USD on Ebay (from various sellers), 10,000KRW at Innisfree (web/counters/stores)
Amount: 300g
Packaging: Simple, highly pliable green plastic
Performance: 10/10
  • cleanses deeply
  • removes makeup residue
  • leaves the skin looking radiant
  • does not dry out the skin
  • has a faint fresh scent
  • a little goes a long way
  • outside Asia available mostly only through Ebay
Where to buy: Ebay, Innisfree website, Innisfree counters/stores
Verdict: Definitely recommended for those looking for a great inexpensive cleanser to both cleanse and brighten the skin!

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