Happy Monday! So I woke up yesterday, glanced at my clock and nearly fell out of bed - it's June already! I probably say this to mysel...

My Life in May & Song of the Month (정준영) Jung Joon Young&Younha (윤하) - 달리 함께

Monday, June 02, 2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Happy Monday! So I woke up yesterday, glanced at my clock and nearly fell out of bed - it's June already! I probably say this to myself every month, but where did the time go?? Anyway, I thought I'd share a few photos from my day-to-day life in May, albeit not at all exiting :) 
Plus, there have been a few new releases in the K-pop world, and I wanted to share a favorite of mine!

This month I have been doing my best to get into a healthy lifestyle, and I have to say, I am succeeding! I got into the habit of starting my day with a delicious smoothie (will put up a few of my favorite recipes soon), and have completely gotten rid of white flour-based foods. For that matter, I barely eat bread or pasta at all anymore, have been rediscovering my affection for wrapping things in nori (seaweed sheets). Not to mention, I no longer have sugar cravings, and when I do feel like having something sweet, I can't consume more that a spoonful of ice cream or 1-2 pieces of (dark) chocolate. I have to say, I'm feeling quite proud of myself! It's a gratifying sensation to see previously tight-fitting clothing hang loosely :)

 May is a beautiful month here in Sweden, flowers blooming everywhere, riversides and courtyards decked with wisterias and cherry trees. That in itself is already encouraging enough to stroll through the town, not to mention the relaxing lilac-scented breeze, caressing your face wherever you go.
Combined with my efforts to stick to a healthy lifestyle, it is a great help in climbing out of the pit of depression - I make myself take at least a short walk every day, meet my friends when I can and put effort into studying (for now just Korean, but hopefully I'll be able to return to writing my BA thesis soon as well). My friend even convinced me into dipping my feet in the sea for the first time this year! I'm starting to seriously considering hunting down a swimsuit and taking a dip every other day.

This is my favorite photo this month! I call it "Strawberry Massacre"

As for the story behind the picture - I was at the port the other day with a friend, chatting, enjoying the sunlight and a box of strawberries, when this little boy walked by, hand in hand with his mom, smiling at me. I winked at him and offered some strawberries (the mom said OK, so I wasn't just being a creep). He took one and proceeded to...well...slaughter the strawberry in an attempt to eat it. Most of it ended up on his face and hands, but he was a happy little camper! Truly one of the most adorable moments I've ever witnessed, made my uterus skip a beat (sorry, possible TMI).
That, however, is probably the most exiting thing that happened to me this month, oh the wild 20's!

Finally, I wanted to share my favorite song of the month. It actually came out at the very end of May, but still counts! I'm not a very big fan of K-pop, but now and then a few gems pop out *pun intended*. Although I am quite hesitant to actually call either 윤하 (Younha) or 정준영 (Jung Joon Young) 'K-pop artists', since they're above and beyond majority of the idols (in my most humble opinion).

The song is called 달리 함께 "Just The Way You Are" (dalli hamkke) and its basically about telling someone you love that they're amazing for who they are, quirks included. Don't you agree that the video is absolutely adorable and heartwarming?
The song itself is really beautiful and rich, I love how they paired a piano with an electric guitar, very reminiscent of the 80's rock ballads. I also think that their voices go really well together, with Younha's vocals bringing a softer, warmer flavor to a rather 'rocking' tune, mirroring the instruments and further enhancing the beauty of the melody. Give it a listen, it's a great tune for a relaxed summer's day!

That's it for today, hope your first days of June are warm and beautiful! Always remember that a smile can go a long way ^.^
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