Hello darlings! Having a good weekend I hope? This entire week has been utterly miserable over here since it's raining cats and dogs e...

Korean Beauty Reviews: Missha Signature Tornado Mascara SC (separate&curl) [시그너처 토네이도 마스카라 SC컬]

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Hello darlings! Having a good weekend I hope? This entire week has been utterly miserable over here since it's raining cats and dogs every single day. It also happened to be a week where I had to be out every day attending meetings, working and hanging out with friends. However, sun is finally out for the weekend and people are rushing out to bask in its rays. With summer in all its glory is just around the corner, I thought it's time we talk lashes and waterproofing them for those pool parties and beach holidays! 
Currently I have maybe 3-4 mascaras in rotation, two of which are Korean, so I decided to give you my thoughts on the newest (and favorite) addition from Missha - their Signature Tornado SC Mascara.

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In the photo above you can see the three items that I picked up from Missha's S/S2014 collection. 
I won't deny that I was a little wary of buying a mascara blindly (without being able to research about it) as it is brand new, and there were no reviews on it when I bought it. Then again, I really needed a good waterproof mascara, and it seemed like a good idea to try it out from the one brand that hasn't let me down before! Thus it came home with me, and I haven't looked back since.

Let's talk packaging first. Missha is always consistent with their packaging - it's always chic, feminine and absolutely beautiful. Both the box and the tube itself are magenta/gold colored, giving it a fresh yet sophisticated look. The tube is made out of hard plastic that has an expensive feel to it. 
Being a klutz, I've dropped it multiple times and it's still without so much as a scratch! Overall, it looks beautiful and vanity-worthy, and is well made.

The wand itself represents the 'tornado' concept for this mascara. As you can see, it has an S-curve, with bristles spiraling down like a whirlpool (or a tornado). It's supposed to coat your lashes from all angles, giving them a false-lash effect.
I find that the brush makes the application extra easy, as the S-curve helps reach the inner corners and enhance the outer lashes giving the appearance of that perfect cat-eye. My only (minuscule) complaint is that the mascara tends to clump up at the tip, so make sure you wipe it down before applying the mascara, or you'll risk ending up with a mascara goop in the corner of your eyes (who else is thinking of Chandler now??)

LEFT - 2 coats / RIGHT - 1 coat
Now onto the performance - I am extremely happy with this mascara. It definitely lives up to the claims of separating and curling the lashes plus it adds beautiful volume! It makes my lashes look as close to falsies as you can without actually wearing falsies (and I usually don't), and it holds the curl throughout the wear. The formula is drier and thus you have to hurry if you want to apply more than one coat. It dries down to an almost rubbery, matte finish, but doesn't weigh the lashes down. That being said, I do NOT recommend more than 2 coats as it will make it look like you have about 5 very thick lashes. But 1-2 coats will be perfectly fine and clump-free!

Isn't it amazing? My lashes went from meh to va-va-voom in just two coats. Plus, I didn't even use an eyelash curler! The mascara is definitely packing a punch.

As for the mascara being waterproof - it delivers that and then some! This is absolutely water/sweat proof and will hold out even during a swim (not that I suggest wearing makeup when swimming). However, such feature comes at a price - don't even dream of removing this mascara with a regular makeup remover! You'll end up pulling the lashes out before you can remove it. I know it sounds daunting, but if you use a good cleansing oil or a two-phase remover, the mascara comes off without much hassle. My personal favorite is L'Oreal Waterproof Makeup Remover - I usually pour some onto a cotton pad, and gently press onto my eyelid, holding it for 20 seconds, then removing in circular motion. 

Name: Missha Signature Tornado Mascara SC
Price: 19,800KRW in Korea (RRP, if not on sale)
Amount: 10g
Packaging: Chic gold/magenta tube, sturdy plastic, Missha logo engraved on the top
Performance: 10/10
  • Water/sweat proof
  • Extremely long lasting
  • Holds curl
  • Adds length and volume without clumping
  • Gives a false-lash effect
  • Shape of the brush aids in curling and coating the lashes
  • Drier formula doesn't weight down the lashes

  • It's not widely available
  • Difficult to remove

Where to buy: Missha counters/online store in Korea and elsewhere in Asia; Gmarket internationally.
Verdict: An absolute must-have! It's my favorite mascara at the moment, and don't see how it could be replaced. Albeit difficult to track down if you're not in Asia, I'd say it's worth the effort.

Well that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. Have a beautiful weekend!
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