It was a really hot day over here in Lithuania! I met up with my friend, wearing jeans, a tank top and a bolero, but it was way too hot......

Wednesday Chit-Chat: Spring is Finally Here! Spring Album

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It was a really hot day over here in Lithuania! I met up with my friend, wearing jeans, a tank top and a bolero, but it was way too hot... We spent most of the day sitting under a cherry tree near a pond, so the refreshing breeze kept things 'cool' for a while.
Later we moved to my place for some *extra* iced teas and Pitch Perfect.
It was a beautiful day, aside from the heat, and I thought I should share some Spring photos with you, lovely people! Most of them are from Korea, naturally.

So, jump in for a chit-chat and to view my 'Spring' album!

If you're in Korea, and want to see cherry blossoms but don't have much time for a 'big' outing - try KyungHee University! The campus is decked in cherry trees and a few magnolias as well. In Spring time it's one of the more famous flower-viewing places, you'll see quite a few elderly people lounging around as well as couples, couples all around!

That being said, don't feel discouraged if you're single *cough-and proud-cough*. Grab a friend or a tub of frozen yogurt, a juice pack and have yourself a little picnic on one of the benches, the lawn or generally anywhere seat-able.

Now getting back to the general theme of Spring. I've decided that for me, late Spring is the most ideal time of year. It's warm and sunny, but not sizzling hot (I enjoy the fresh breeze and the smell of everything in bloom). All the plant life has a refreshingly bright green color, and majority of the flowers are in bloom. It's a gorgeous time of year, but not only that, spiritually I feel the most comfortable.

I'm not a particularly outgoing person, I have a small group of friends (more-so individual persons rather than one close-knit group though) and I feel the best when I around them. Thus, life gets a little lonely, most of the time really. But in Spring, it feels like everyone wakes from a slumber. Autumn and Winter makes me feel somewhat segregated and depressed, but when Spring comes it seems like my mind rewinds the clock and starts anew. Anyone else out there feeling the same?

Moreover, because I'm a nature freak, I just feel a perpetual 'high' in Spring. Everything takes my breath away, I could stare at flowers or the brilliant blue skies for hours without so much as moving a muscle. Studying becomes easier, since I can 'air-out' my head without freezing my nose off. Oh, and rabbits are so entertaining to watch in Spring! Tanning their little wiggly butts in the's great fun!

Anyways, when I was in Korea, things weren't as smooth. Why, you ask? One simple word - midterms! Everyone's going crazy in April, pulling week-long all-nighters, literally living in study rooms.

Every time after my lecture I'd go down to pick up a snack to GS25, I'd bump into scores of students, basically in lounge-pajamas, buying more coffee, Red Bull and snacks to fuel the study marathon. Me, I didn't exactly do the same. Trying to be modest here, but I've always been good at studying, so I knew that all I need is a few days of reading through materials perhaps 2-3 hours a day, and I'd be pulling higher grades than most of my course mates.

So it was kinda lonely... It would be a gorgeous Spring day, I'd want to go out and perhaps have a Green Tea Latte in Hongdae, sadly, all my friends would be neck-deep in their studies.

I'm not bashing, don't misunderstand. In a way, I admire the dedication of South Korean students. Simply, I always stick to my motto - 'quality over quantity'. Sure, studying is necessary, but if you do a decent job preparing for each lecture throughout the semester, or at least paying attention while in the lecture, preparing for exams is so much easier. Plus, enjoying the weather can only aid in studying! Fresh head equals better memory retention. But I digress.

Aside from my small beef with the way of studying, I found Spring in Korea most delightful. Mostly I attribute that to the abundance of beautiful cherry trees all around Seoul. If you go to Han-river for a day, you'll be basking in sunlight and enjoying a literal snow-storm of cherry-flower petals! It's an incredible feeling.

Also, it's romantic as hell, if you ask me. A simple day out by Han-river while cherries are in bloom beats a candle-lit dinner any day for me! There's just something about the ethereal flower petals, floating in the air, that reminds me of the fragility and delicacy of affection.

For me, seeing cherry trees has always been a 'bucket-list' thing. I still haven't crossed out 'Watch a Sunset Under a Cherry Tree, Next to a Temple in Kyoto'. There's something so magical about it...

Speaking of Spring, how was your Easter? I don't think there's a more quintessential Spring celebration! I am by no means religious, and neither is my family, but we embrace it from a 'pagan' point of view - as a celebration of renewal and, well, Spring. One thing that I think most people, who celebrate Easter, do is coloring eggs. In my family, it's a family-bonding opportunity. There are so many ways to dye eggs, and we usually try a little bit of everything - from wax-drawing, to bundling the eggs with the outer layers of onions in stockings. This year we didn't produce a large amount of eggs, just enough for everyone to feast on.

In my family, me and my sister always get socks for Easter (and chocolate, of course). I have no clue why, but it's been like this as long as I can remember myself! I like that kind of tradition, actually. Waking up in the morning to find a basket with a couple new pairs of socks and chocolates is strangely satisfying. Not to mention, they're always 'premium' kind of socks - super comfy and soft - sure to be completely worn out when next Easter rolls by!

Anywho, here's my little chit-chat that's been brewing in my head. Hopefully you didn't get bored, and enjoyed the photos! I'd love to hear your stories about Spring!
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XoXo, Specks