What a great Tuesday! It's been beautiful weather out here, sunny and warm, barely need a jacket anymore. And while browsing YouTube I...

Minute Beauty: NS Yoon-G (NS 윤지) - Yasisi (야시시) Makeup Tutorial

Tuesday, April 01, 2014 Unknown 0 Comments

What a great Tuesday! It's been beautiful weather out here, sunny and warm, barely need a jacket anymore. And while browsing YouTube I found out that NS Yoon-G released the video for Yasisi! I've always enjoyed her music, although pop, but certainly high quality both music and video wise. What I like the most about NS Yoon-G  is that she's always displaying the image of an empowered, confident woman who's sexy, sassy and classy at the same time. 
What I noticed in the video was that the makeup was really easy, but still sexy. So, I decided to do a quick tutorial for this week's Minute Beauty showing my take on this look!

First, let's run through the products you'll need:
  • Black eyeliner (gel or liquid, up to you)
  • Black or asphalt grey eyeshadow
  • Angled brush
  • Mascara
  • Orchid purple/purple matte lipstick
  • BB cream/concealer/powder (or whatever floats your boat ^_~)

Let's start with the eyes. Like I said it is really easy to do this look!
  1. Start with a clean eyelid, if you want you can apply a matte beige/peach eye-shadow to even out the skin tone.
  2. With your black eyeliner draw a line from the tear-duct to the outer corner, thickening it slightly at the end (but keeping the line relatively thin)
  3. From the outer corner, wing out the liner straight up, following the *imaginary* bottom lash-line
  4. Connect the two and even it out, but keep the lines thin, this isn't a thick-cat eye look!
  5. Take the black/grey eye-shadow and, with an angled brush, smudge it from the wing towards the center of the eye, up until the crease/socket. *Important - don't go above the crease!*
  6. Keep the color faded, don't apply too much! 
  7. Finally, apply plenty of mascara and/or false lashes
Click to enlarge!

Now for the lips, it's very easy and you'll only need an orchid purple lipstick!
  1. Apply lipstick to the inner part of your lips, be generous
  2. With your ring finger, slightly blend out the color towards the edges, keeping the color most concentrated in the center
  3. It should look like this:

There should be no harsh edges, thus no liner needed. This is done to achieve that 'gradation' effect that Korean idols love so much!
Finish up by applying the rest of your makeup and you're lookin' fabulous!

This is the final look (apologies for the wonky lighting):

As you can see, the look is both chic, understated and sexy. Personally, I think it's great both for a night out and a regular day at work/school. And it's really quick to put together - if I wasn't taking photographs it would take me perhaps 5-10 minutes! Perfect for a lazy day when you still want to look like a thousand bucks.

Products I used for this look:
  • Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Eyeliner
  • Matte grey shadow from Inglot
  • Missha Tornado SC Mascara
  • Missha The Style Matte Rouge in MWN01 Retro Muse
  • Missha Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream in #21
  • Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder in #21

That's it for this Minute Beauty post. Hope you enjoyed it! Give the look a go, I'm sure you'll love it!
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