Hello lovelies! How has April been treating you so far? It's spoiling us up here! The weather's been absolutely gorgeous day in da...

Korean Beauty Reviews: Missha Lip Rouge in GCR02 Miss Holic (SPF13) & MWN01 Retro Muse (SPF17) + Swatches

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Hello lovelies! How has April been treating you so far? It's spoiling us up here! The weather's been absolutely gorgeous day in day out, for the past two weeks. That, naturally, made me bring out all the colorful things I have in my closet and reduce the amount of makeup I use. Don't know about you, but I certainly hate the feeling of having makeup on when it's hot, so on most days I get by using a pressed powder, mascara and a lip product.

That is why I decided to review the lipsticks I recently purchased from Missha. Without further ado, jump in!

*UPDATE - the lipsticks are now available at misshaus.com*

Missha came out with their S/S2014 collection back in February (correct me if I'm wrong), and their theme for this season was Lotta Love/Wanna Love - six orange/pink-based makeup looks with neutral eyes. I didn't actually purchase anything from 'the look' set, but a few new items introduced with this collection.
I usually find Missha's seasonal collections rather beautiful, although I usually skip out on the eyeshadow palettes (they are rather sheer). However, I do enjoy most of their other makeup products! 
I'm not sure how long the Glossy/Matt Lip Rouge line has been out there - last year I didn't see it anywhere in Missha stores - but it seems rather new. So I picked up one lipstick from each 'variation', one of which was Miss Holic - 'new' color, and the other - Retro Muse - from their regular lineup.

Let's start with the packaging, which is simple and elegant (as it usually is with Missha)

As you can see, the lipsticks are housed in transparent heavy plastic packaging that reveals 'chrome metal' tube and the lipstick itself on the top. Although it is plastic, it's very sturdy and well-made, the lid closes securely. This doesn't feel cheap in the least! It has as a nice weight to it and overall feels rather chic. The company's name is engraved on the side, which is a nice touch. Not to mention the clear packaging allows you to see the color of the lipstick, making the morning routine that much easier. I have absolutely no complaints about the packaging!

As mentioned, I purchased one from each 'variation' - on the left is the Glossy Lip Rouge SPF13 in GCR02 Miss Holic (beautiful coral) and on the right is Matt Lip Rouge SPF17 in MWN01 Retro Muse (a stunning purple-toned wine color).

Now let's talk performance and swatches! 
I really like both of the lipsticks, but the matte one has a slight edge. First off, I have to say that I really appreciate the SPF in the lipsticks, making them perfect for Spring/Summer! I'm not sure why the SPF is different, I'm guessing matte formula simply allows a higher concentration.

Left - no flash; Right - with flash
The Glossy Rouge is, as the name implies, a very glossy lipstick. It reminds me of a lip butter due to its high-shine finish and slippery feel on the lips. The color is a vibrant coral orange that I'm sure will be flattering across a range of skin tones. The lipstick doesn't last a whole lot (2-3 hours without eating/drinking), but that is expected from something this glossy and slippery. The feeling when first applied is very pleasant - texture is slippery and moisturizing. However, this is where my one complaint comes in! Although a 'glossy' formula, this lipstick is a little drying. Nothing too extreme, but after a while I can feel that my lips are getting rougher. Its usually a feeling I get with matte formulas, so I was surprised. Not to mention that because of this the lipstick can accentuate dry/chapped patches, so make sure your lips are smooth!

The Matt Rouge is a whole different story! The lipstick is very pigmented and true to color, and after setting it is truly matte. But it feels amazing on the lips! It applies creamily, no tugging involved, and glides beautifully even on dry lips! I was shocked to see that it does not cling to dry patches. I tried it out without a primer/balm and it was wonderful. 
It stays on for hours, even with eating/drinking involved, and doesn't leave much of a mark on cups/glasses (I am known as the 'lipstick' girl around my friends, since they always find a beautiful lipstick mark on their cups). It does feel a little dry with time, but not uncomfortable, just the usual matte feeling (minus the roughness). And another great thing is that even after it's worn off, it leaves a beautiful stain behind, so you don't have to obsess about reapplying too often.

I find that both lipsticks flatter my complexion and are easy to wear both with minimum and more elaborate face makeup.
My overall opinion is highly positive about both of the lipsticks, I'd just like the glossy one to be a wee bit more moisturizing. But you can't deny both of them look absolutely lovely!

  • Missha Glossy Lip Rouge in GCR02 Miss Holic
  • Missha Matt Lip Rouge in MWN01 Retro Muse
Price: 11,200KRW in Korea, 13.99USD on Ebay, 15.ooUSD on misshaus.com
Amount: 4.1g
Packaging: Silver carton box, heavy plastic case and metal tube.
  • Glossy Lip Rouge - 9/10. It wasn't as moisturizing as I'd like it to be
  • Matt Lip Rouge - 10/10. Absolutely no complaints!
  • Matte formula is not drying
  • Matte formula does not accentuate dryness
  • Matte rouge stays on for hours
  • Both formulas are pigmented
  • Applies smoothly
  • The packaging is sturdy and chic
  • There is a nice variety of colors available
  • Glossy formula is drying overtime 
  • Glossy formula can accentuate dryness
  • Lipsticks aren't widely available
Where to buy: if you're in Korea (and some other Asian countries) - any Missha counter/online shop; US residents - misshaus.com now stocks these products; if you're anywhere else in the world - try Ebay or Gmarket!
Verdict: These lipsticks are worth trying, especially the matte ones!

Well that's all for now. Hope you're having a lovely day, wherever you are! Have you tried these lipsticks? I'd love to hear your thoughts/experience. Don't forget to subscribe and spread the love ^_~


***DISCLAIMER - I am not affiliated with any of the sellers/brands mentioned in my posts. Everything was purchased by me for personal use/review purposes***

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