Welcome to another Minute Beauty post, this time for a nail polish I got in my Korean beauty haul. I used to be a hard-core nail varnish g...

Minute Beauty: Missha The Style Lucid Nail Polish Review

Saturday, March 29, 2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Welcome to another Minute Beauty post, this time for a nail polish I got in my Korean beauty haul. I used to be a hard-core nail varnish girl. Ever since the age of 15, you'd rarely see my nails 'bare'. Perhaps on weekends or when I was ill, but otherwise I always made sure my hands were well taken care of. However, no matter how well you take care of your hands, 6 years of constant nail varnish wear will have an impact. 
My nails became fragile, prone to breaking/peeling. So back in summer 2013,  I decided to kick my varnish 'habit'. I still nail varnish, but rarely, mostly on more 'special' occasions or when I'm in the mood. But majority of my time now my nails are au naturel, keeping them in a relatively good condition.
So, I don't buy so much nail varnish as I used to. Actually, this was my first purchase in a couple months! 

When I was looking through Missha's website, I saw a couple of really beautiful colors and decided to give it a try. Missha's base coat, which I've been using on those occasions when I do wear nail varnish, was excellent, thus I didn't really have any doubt about the varnish itself.

I was right! The colors, as you can see, are beautiful, and they play right into the color palette for S/S 2014. First one, PP05, is a beautiful fuchsia pink with a slight tinge of purple (in real life the color is deeper and more purple-toned than in the pictures). It applies very smoothly, two coats enough for full opacity and it wears really well. It endured three days of rigorous cleaning, showers and dish-washing, with only minor chip wear by the end of the 4th day!

As for the glitter varnish, GBL01, it's also just as gorgeous. It's a cerulean blue base with blue and silver glitter. The glitter is quite dense, although I'd say 3 coats are needed if you want a somewhat opaque finish (the picture is with two coats). The texture is somewhat 'sandy' and I personally like it. I find that, because it is glittery, the slightly sheerer finish and the sandy texture dials down the 'flashiness' of the varnish. 
Another plus is that the varnish comes off rather easily with remover. I usually steer clear from glitters, since they are a pain to remove, but with I didn't have to put in more effort in removing this than any other varnish.

Both varnishes dry fast, 2 coats were dry within 10 minutes, and they wore, without a base/top coat, for 4 days without chipping. 

I'd say, although this is my first time trying Missha's varnishes, they are definitely worth checking out, if you can find it. At 3,000KRW a piece, if not on sale, it's an absolute bargain! And they have a wide range of colors and finishes. 

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed my quick review! Have you had any experience with Missha's nail varnishes? I'd love to hear about it!