Well my Friday has been uneventful, I hope yours was somewhat more exiting! Had an early appointment regarding my apartment, and because I...

Korean Beauty Reviews: Innisfree Color Glow Lipstic in #5 Plum Burgundy & #6 Maple Burgundy Pink

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Well my Friday has been uneventful, I hope yours was somewhat more exiting! Had an early appointment regarding my apartment, and because I am awful at arranging my schedule, naturally, I stayed up late, thus, spending majority of the day trying to 'recover' the lost sleep.
However, I dare say after waking up the day picked up! I decided to stay in and have some me-time (not quite what you think, I'm sure). So, I spent the rest of my Friday watching English period dramas!

I must say, although personally I dislike the works of Austen for their portrayal of female characters, they sure do make lovely movies (Mr. Darcy and Colonel Brandon are my two main movie-crushes, and I know I'm not alone there!) With a cup of tea and dark chocolate I spent my day swooning over gorgeous landscapes and men on horseback.

Just as I set my bed and prepared to sleep, my lovely upstairs neighbors decided to turn up their music and chatter, making it impossible to rest. Thanks to that I'm here,  typing away! 

I am going to be reviewing two of my all-time favorite lipsticks that I always reach for when going for an understated but still chic look. And I was inspired to do so by Austen characters, who wore that no-makeup look so perfectly. 

Interested in these lipsticks? Read more after the jump!

Back in 2013 Innisfree came out with their new Color Glow formula and suddenly Korean web was abuzz with pictures of Yoona (from SNSD, the 'face' of Innisfree) rocking a beautiful plum lip. 

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, it is difficult to find darker, more pigmented lipsticks in Korea as their main trends are usually 'no-makeup' or 'cute' looks. However, in the past year there's been a wave of more 'sexy' looks, mostly brought about by idols. That is one of the few things that I'm actually grateful for!

I adore majority of my lip-products from Korea as their formulas are superb, but I've always craved for darker, more 'chic' colors. Finally my prayers have been answered! 

The moment I saw the two plummy colors (#5&#6) in the line, I knew I had to have them! They looked so gorgeous and rich, yet not too vampy for everyday wear. When I finally got my hands on them I was not disappointed!

Let's talk formula. Man oh man! Color Glow lipsticks have one of the most fabulous formulas I've come across in years! They are stunningly pigmented, moisturizing and have a beautiful glow to them. Moreover, the lipstick does NOT accentuate dryness, so you can wear this with ease even if your lips aren't in the best condition. Of course, I can only speak of the two colors I own, but since they got the darker colors so well, I'm sure the lighter counterparts share the same wonderful qualities!

 The lipstick is supposed to be infused with Camelia oil (which, based on its moisturizing properties, I have no doubts about), it has a very faint, floral scent (assuming from Camelia oil). It's also '3-free' - not tested on animals and does not contain talc or benzophenone.

Housed in a matte plastic case, with a metal inner part and a clear bottom, displaying the color. Although plastic, it doesn't feel cheap and is actually very pleasant to hold.

As you will see bellow, the colors are not that different from each other. Which is my only (slight) peeve with this lipstick. On the website the shades 5 and 6 look quite different, so I assumed I'll get two different looks from them. In real life - not so much. Yes, they are different, but only slightly, which results in almost undetectable similarities when wearing it. Although I do have to say that in daylight the differences in shade and depth are more prominent than in artificial light.

Here is my favorite 'look' to wear these lipsticks with. It's that classic, barely-there makeup look with main emphasis on the lips. As my eyes are quite large, I always avoid wearing both strong eye and lip makeup, as it throws off the balance.

Here I'm wearing only 5 products - CC cream, powder, highlighter, mascara and lipstick. It's my to-go look recently for university, shopping and general times-when-I-will-be-in-close-contact-with-people occasions.

As you can see, the differences in colors are very slight, although I do have to say that #6 is definitely warmer and gives off a more 'lovely' image, whereas #5 is slightly cooler, more blue-based and definitely more 'chic'.

#6 is a great choice for those wishing to venture into the world of bright colors, yet still wanting to stay within the 'safe' zone. 
#6 Maple Burgundy Pink

Both of these, worn without a primer or a liner, will last around 3 hours and wear off leaving a light stain (which doesn't come off with water, mind you). The wear time is quite short as expected from a highly-moisturizing lipstick, but I touch up my lipstick often anyways, so it is not an issue. Round bullet makes the color easy to apply without a brush or liner, both of these were only 2 swipes each, with only minor corrections (I have a rather pronounced cupid's bow). You can also see how glossy the lipstick is on its own, the name quite well chosen!

Sadly, I cannot, for the life of me, find the list of ingredients online. Alas, I always trust Innsifree to use natural ingredients, as proven from my past experiences, even their packaging is made from recycled paper and printed with soy ink!

All in all, this is a lovely lipstick definitely worth checking, even though it is more difficult to obtain! There are 10 colors to chose from, ranging from beautiful nudes to playful pinks and reds to lovely peaches.

Name: Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick
Price: 12,000KRW in Korea, 12.98 USD on Ebay (not affiliated with the seller)
Amount: 3.5g
Packaging: Recyclable carton box with soy ink printing, lipstick case made of matte plastic with a clear bottom, displaying the color
Performance: 10/10 (only small complaint regarding the lack of significant difference)
  • moisturizing
  • bright
  • highly pigmented
  • rather large shade-selection
  • does not emphasize dryness
  • wears comfortably
  • leaves a lovely stain
  • perfectly suitable for application without a liner/brush

  • Difficult to get outside of Korea
  • Darker shades do not vary greatly
  • Not for those who want a matte lipstick
  • Wear time is a little short

Where to buy: Innisfree website, Innisfree stores, Gmarket, Ebay.

Verdict: Looking for a moisturizing, pigmented, beautiful lip color? Look no further!

That's all for today, hope you found my review helpful and inspiring, comment bellow if you have tried/are going to try these lipsticks! Subscribe for more beauty reviews! 
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend, ciao for now!