Hello there, lovelies! Happy 1st of December! Finally I can be 'legally' jolly and bright! Christmas now is just a couple of weeks...

Korean Beauty Reviews: Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge (F/W 2013 Fatal Aura) Review&Swatches

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Hello there, lovelies! Happy 1st of December! Finally I can be 'legally' jolly and bright! Christmas now is just a couple of weeks away, so it's time to start getting into the Holiday spirit. Is there a better way to do that than turning up the volume on your Christmas playlist and making a present wish list? 
To that note, I will be reviewing an exiting F/W 2013 Belle Epoque Limited Edition release from Missha, that just screams Holidays! Take a look!

"Get clear and distinct, vivid lips with the Signature Glam Art Rouge.
The Melting System makes color melt smoothly and evenly onto lips."

In the recent years I cannot imagine myself without a red or wine lipstick when the Holidays come knocking. From around mid-September I start gradually pulling out my darker lipstick shades, to figure out which one of the will end up being the 'IT' color for the season. 
This season it turned out to be this very special Limited Edition Belle Epoque release from Missha. They release their collections bi-yearly, as most companies, and for this Fall/Winter Missha entitled their collection Belle Epoque (referring to the historical period) with Fatal/Mysterious Aura themes. There are 8 items in total in this collection, 4 per theme (lipstick, lip-gloss, eye-shadow palette and a nail varnish). Here I have the star of Fatal Aura collection! I swatched the eye-shadow palettes, lip-glosses, but neither spoke to me as much as this lipstick did (metaphorically, of course, no 'funny brownies' were involved). 

This color, in my humblest opinion, is absolutely perfect for the Holidays. It has everything you'd want - shine, sparkle and depth. Not to mention, the lipstick looks amazing just standing on your vanity table!

Let's begin with packaging. Isn't it just beautiful?? 
Missha's regular Signature line looks stunning on its own, but this time around they changed the color of the packaging, and boy is it vanity-worthy! the color of the packaging is actually almost the same as the lipstick itself. It's a beautiful wine with gold tint to it, and warm gold casing for the bullet. Two opposing sides are see-through, so you can see the gold-metal bullet through the tinted plastic, and the other two sides are textured. The entire lid is embossed with gorgeous flower pattern, and the flower on the top, signature to Missha. And imprinted on the bottom you'll see the name of the line - Signature.
While this is made of plastic, it is in no way cheap-looking. The tube has excellent weight to it, and all the details make it an absolutely stunning item to pull out of your purse for touch-ups!
I feel that often in Korean market the packaging looks a little flimsy and girly, but not in this case. It's truly chic and 'fatal' for those of us, who can't resist this beauty!

Onto the lipstick itself. Here are the claims from Missha:

Featuring the 3S System: 
- Soft & wide base for smooth and even application
- Sexy volume. Contains Marine Collagen for elasticity.
- Stay power. Long lasting, 12 hour color and moisture stay

How did it perform then? 
The lipstick is stunning, don't you agree? It is a beautiful cooler wine-red with blue/gold shimmer. It's not too opaque, so don't be scared as it can be sheered out for that just-bitten effect, but it is opaque in 2-3 swipes. As promised, it is truly smooth and moisturizing upon application (although always exfoliate your lips when applying darker colors, you don't want them to cling to dry bits, as it did a little in the photo for me!) So far so good! 
However, it is not long-lasting. It will go through around 2-3 hours, but if you drink/eat, it will disappear far quicker. I feel it fades quickly, leaving a sort of a stain behind, but the beautiful color itself will be gone. If you apply a lip-liner, you might squeeze out another hour from this lipstick, but there is no-way it lasts 12 hours!
And one more thing - the shimmer...it looks beautiful on the lips, but it is gritty! Not too bad, but I can feel the glitter particles when I rub my lips together. Again, it's not THAT noticeable, but it is there, which can get bothersome.
I love this color to bits, and I do wear it almost every day. But I feel that Missha could have done a much better job on the texture as well as lasting power. I have encountered cheaper and much longer lasting lipsticks, so it can be done!

The good thing about this color is that it's on the cooler side, so it will make your teeth look whiter! in the picture it appears slightly more red than it really is, think more red wine than plain red. And can you see the gold shimmer? Isn't it gorgeous for the Holidays? 
This is lipstick directly from the bullet, without a lip-liner. Warning - it will feather in the long run, so apply a liner when going out!

All in all, albeit there are a few things lacking, the Fatal Aura Glam Art Rouge is definitely worth purchasing. For yourself and/or as a gift! I know that in the USA, Missha has a sale going on, so grab it while you can! And for those living elsewhere in the world - this lipstick is available as part of a 3-piece Belle Epoque set on Ebay (I'm not affiliated with the seller).
I definitely would say get it while you can!

Name: MISSHA Signature Glam Art Rouge
Color: Fatal Aura SRD704
Price: 17.800KRW in Korea, 18.00USD on misshaus.com or 39.99USD as part of a set on Ebay (not affiliated with the seller)
Amount: 3.5g
Packaging: Wine colored plastic embossed with Missha's signature flower pattern
Performance: 9/10 (It lost a point for slight grittiness and much shorter than promised lasting time)
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Stunning color for the Holidays
  • Cooler undertones make the teeth appear whiter
  • Moisturizing
  • No detectable scent
  • After wearing off, leaves lips beautifully stained
  • Has an SPF of 15, PA+
  • The glitter particles are slightly gritty
  • Can cling to dry patches
  • Feathers over time if used without a liner
  • Doesn't last as long as it claims
  • Will noticeably fade when drinking/eating
  • Difficult to acquire if you're not in Korea/USA
Where to find: Missha stores, misshaus.com, Ebay or Gmarket

Verdict: Looking for that Perfect red to wow your family/friends during the Holidays? This might be what you were looking for!

Alrighty, this is where I leave you until my next post! Did you purchase this lipstick or put it on your wishlist? Do comment! 
Have a wonderful first week of December!