As promised, here's the 'album' of my visit to Korean Folk Village. Fair warning though - there are many  pictures! And I'...

Korean Folk Village (한국 민속촌) photo album

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As promised, here's the 'album' of my visit to Korean Folk Village. Fair warning though - there are many pictures! And I'll try to put the videos as well.

Now the first photo, above, has these wooden idols that are meant to represent the spirits (as I was told by my friend). Is it me or do they have happy faces O_o

Souvenir shop (one of many)

One of the restaurants, with traditional-style dining

Beautifully clad women. Museum staff, I assume

Spirit tree
 From what my friend explained, Korean people used to tie colorful sashes on trees in the forest as a kind of memorial for the deceased. I'm not entirely sure though..looks really interesting!

This gate had a really cool 'WANTED' poster - right side, with a picture!

Gate towards a shrine

Shrine itself, from a different angle. Gorgeous detail!

Prop bull
 Ha ha! Not really!! I was completely sure that bull was just a prop, but I was proved wrong when it sneezed on a child O_O Very, very real!

Another souvenir shop

Traditional fans

The reenacted arrangement I've mentioned. Dolls dressed up in traditional clothes
There were quite a few noble houses, with the beautifully arranged furniture, decorations and life-size dolls. As far as I know the things used are as authentic as possible! 

Work room in a house of a noble

Lady's room in a house of a noble
 While the nobles' housing was fancy and decorated, the commoners' houses were very simple and basic, still you can see the attention to food serving (four different serving tables by/on the wall in the storage room). There were even fresh veggies and kimchi fermenting!
Traditional commoner's house
Commoner's storehouse
 Remember I wrote about all the Korean period dramas that took place in the village? Here's another cutout from a drama about a court lady Jang Geum, who became a chef for the king and later his physician!

Remember I mentioned being caught up in filming of Dr.Jin? Here's the only picture I managed to sneak in, although no 'celebrities' in sight ;__; the lady waved us off asking not to take pictures. They let us watch though, which was really cool!

Waving us off

We stopped for a 미숫가루 drink at this stand. It was a very refreshing, albeit strange, drink. It's made from multiple grain powder mixed with ice water and honey for sweetness. She served it with ice cubes, made it even more refreshing.

Lady serving misutgaru (미숫가루 multi-grain shake, sweetened with honey)

Her shop, serving many kinds of refreshments
As I've mentioned in my previous post, there are many pavilions in the village, perfect for stretching out your feet or even taking a quick nap. Some were smaller and more 'regular' looking, while this one caught my eye for its size and beautiful surroundings. Remember to take your shoes off when going inside!

One of many pavilions for taking a break, this one was popular among young couples
 The next pavilion was right by another spirit tree, much larger than the previous one. Just look at the beautiful, intricate details of the pavilion roof!

Another pavilion. This one in the shade of another spirit tree
A gardener
 Here's the market where I purchased my souvenirs (and tried on the 'flower shoes'). In the back you can see the restaurant where we ate, with more 'modern' seating.

Souvenir market and restaurant we ate at

Now it's time to talk briefly about the performances! The first one we saw was the tightrope performance. It was really interesting and quite breathtaking! The performer was around 60 (he said his precise age, I just don't remember), yet his movements were so light! He also did quite a few tricks that really impressed the audience.

Tightrope performer
Next we watched the music performance, which was also quite impressive and beautiful. It was really interesting to be able to listen to traditional Korean farmer's music, and see the live performance. What's even more fun is that there were three generations performing!! The grandfather and his son were the leaders, and two grand kids were regular performers (one college students, the other a teen). I hope you can enjoy the slightly shaky video, not the best quality, but at least something.

Musical performers
Music performance in session

Then we went to see the martial arts show. It was spectacular!!! Absolutely amazing! I've seen some things in the circus, but these guys (and girl) showed some seriously amazing tricks. I can't even believe it's humanly possible... 
Here's the video from the martial arts performance, hopefully its visible!

And lastly we watched the traditional wedding ceremony. It was definitely interesting, and very informative on Korean history and culture. It opened my eyes to the amount of detail that goes into one ceremony (and I kept thinking that if I was the bride, I'd faint from exhaustion. She had to bow many times, also that intricate costume!)

The groom, bowing to his ancestors
The groom during ceremony
Finally after getting out of the virtual 'filming lockdown' we were able to pass the filming location and continue on towards the exit. Met this funny guy :) He's just an actor, but I really love how detailed this entire place is!

A beggar and a sweets seller in the shade on our way out of the village
 That's the end to this 'little' album. I really hope you enjoyed the trip in your imagination! Ciao for now!