Let us begin the trip down memory lane, starting with, what else, my flight to South Korea.

Journey to South Korea

Sunday, April 21, 2013 Unknown 0 Comments

Let us begin the trip down memory lane, starting with, what else, my flight to South Korea.

Our hotel near Riga airport

My journey to South Korea began on the morning of February 19th, as I rolled out of my hotel bed in Riga at around 5 in the morning... after a quick breakfast (which, I will not lie, my stomach was trying to block at any means), my mum and I got into the car and drove to the Riga Airport.

The check-in went surprisingly smooth, it took only 10 measly minutes to wait+weigh and register my bags and after a little teary goodbye-on-a-bench I waved to my mum and went off to catch my flight to Amsterdam.

The flight took over an hour, close to two, but was comfortable and rather empty. I had the neighboring seat all to myself... :) which was a good thing, because I was looking at a 7-hour layover in Amsterdam prior to my 10-hour flight to Incheon.

As we landed I took off immediately, because my course-mate was flying out to Australia from the same airport, and we agreed to meet up, to kill time...however, we didn't consider the fact that Schiphol is one BIG airport. Sadly it took me around an hour just to find my friend, thus only being able to chat with her for a few minutes while in line for her flight..Damn you, international airports!!

And thus began my 6 very. long. hours at the airport...naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is Tax Free shopping!! Alas, it can only take so much time when you know exactly what you're looking for... Check out, payment done and I'm off wandering around...

I will not talk a lot about the time there, because anyone who's been through this shindig more than once knows just how BORING those times are.

Fast forward to our plane nearing South Korea, and I can still hear myself squealing quietly as I looked over the Korean peninsula... it was a gorgeous sunny day, thus we could see every little bit possible through our wee windows. The view, while not as spectacular as, lets say, the deserts in Egypt, was breath taking for one main reason - I have been waiting for this for nearly two years!

Suddenly, my fatigue evaporated as I entered Incheon International Airport and walked through long, chic hallways, leading me towards the exit. I got through customs surprisingly fast, no riffling through my luggage here, because I look oh-so-suspicious (I'm stinky-eyeing you, Narita airport) !

A friend picked me up, and after exchanging money we got out of the airport to catch a bus. And away we went...

First steps out in Seoul

Gotta say, nothing compares to the first smell of traffic and buses in a country you've been dying to go to for over two years :)

I'll stop here for now, as I feel the transportation to/from the airport needs a separate post.

Ciao for now!